Top 5 Space Savvy Home Garden Ideas

Space Savvy Home Garden Ideas

Most people who live in urban high rise often complain of not having enough space for proper gardening. But, if you be a little creative and use the right kind of ideas, you can turn even the smallest space available to you into a very beautiful and fascinating garden with flowers and lush greenery. Depending upon how you design your garden, you can even save enough free space to accommodate a piece of furniture as well for you to relax in your free time. Following are five wonderful space savvy home garden ideas, which will leave you surprised to know that you can grow a lot more plants than one might think even in a very small area.

1. Balcony Gardens:

Even if you have just a small deck or balcony all in the name of garden space, you can still be creative enough to turn that space into a beautiful home garden, where you would love to relax during the warmer months. Many people have the misconception that full mature plants cannot be grown in balcony gardens. You can prove them wrong by planting such plants in big containers. They can grow well enough in containers even in such a small garden and they can also give a beautiful contrast to the variety of other smaller plants you grow out there.

Balcony Gardens

2. Garden Trellis:

Garden trellis is a wonderful idea for very small spaces. As per this idea, you have to fasten a framework of metal or wooden bars against a wall and use it as a support for creepers and plants. Such trellises can give you enough room to grow larger plants, much larger in number. Readymade trellises are available in the market, which you can buy. But, a much better idea is to build a trellis at home depending upon the kind of space you have. Contrary to what you might be thinking, creating a homemade trellis is not very difficult. You just have to spend a few hours at a weekend and you will be surprised to see your creative abilities. As shown in the picture, you can see, creating trellises is not just easy but they can add tremendous beauty to your home and garden.

Garden Trellis

3. Tiered Garden:

Even if all you have is just a corner space, you can still turn it into a small garden by stacking terra cotta planters on one another. Plastic containers might come cheap, but terra cotta ones are much sturdier. Alternatively, you can be more creative and build cemented stacking of large containers (as shown in the picture). It will give you broader choices about the variety of plants. A garden with such stacking of plant containers is called tiered garden. Depending upon the number of planters and how you have stacked them in that corner, you can decide which plants should be grown in which planter. In general, annuals and colorful flower plants look great in a tiered garden.

Tiered Garden

4.Rooftop Garden:

If you have no open space on the ground for gardening and all you have is just a very small rooftop, you can still convert that space into a wonderful garden that can contain not just colorful flowers and lush greenery but also some outdoor furniture for you to relax. Depending upon how much space you have on your rooftop, you can choose a good mix of large and small containers and even tiered planters or trellises. By using such a variety of containers, you can grow a lot more plants than you can imagine even on a very small rooftop.

Rooftop Garden

5. Shade Gardens:

Shade gardens are best suited to those areas that do not get direct sunlight. As the term suggests, this is a type of garden dominated by plants that grow well in shaded areas. The real trick lies in your choice of plants and how you mix them well to create a beautiful garden. Hardy geraniums, hosta, forget-me-not, ferns and bleeding heart, for example, are some great perennial shade plants to consider. For container plants, some good choices include Impatiens, Begonias, Caladiums, Fuchsia and Wishbone flower.

Shade Gardens

As you can see, having a small space does not mean that you cannot have the luxury of having a garden in your home. So, get your creative juices flowing and surprise yourself.