Top 10 DIY Ideas To Build A Firepit On Budget

Firepit On Budget

We all enjoy sitting near our fire pits in all the seasons especially in winters. Fire pits at back yard are the best place for family gatherings. If you want to have an outdoor party or gathering night in your back yard in winters then fire pits just double the amusement and keep you warm. But if you have been avoiding building a fire pit thinking it is a costly and time taking affair then this article will tell you how to make cheap and stunning fire pits in no time.

Here We Present Top 10 DIY Ideas To Build A Fire Pit On A Budget:

1. Fire Pit With Concrete Rings:

There are many places where you can only keep small and confined fire pits so that there is less risk of any accidents. If your area has such restriction or you have a small place then idea of making fire pit with concrete ring is easiest, safest and cheap. You only need concrete rings, charcoal grill, and some stones or pebbles. All These things will come within fifty to sixty dollars, and your fire pit can get constructed within few hours.

Fire Pit With Concrete Rings

2. Easy To Make Gas Fire Pit:

The Best part about gas fire pit is it is portable, unlike our fixed conventional fire pits. It is best suited for those who are allergic to smoke as it uses gas instead of wood for the fire which has no smoke the and there are no embers. So it is cheap, confined, portable, healthy, safe and easy to build.

Easy To Make Gas Fire Pit

3. Stone Fire Pit:

it is also very easy to do it yourself idea for fire-pits. You can make it in any shape unlike rings fire pit which is only circular. You need to know the codes of making fire pits in your area, buy the material and it will take few hours constructing it and in evening you can enjoy the fire pit with your family.

Stone Fire Pit

4. Fire Pit Made From Steel Roles:

This is one trouble free making of fire pit. You need steel roles, welding materials and magnets and you can make a nice square fire pit in no time and with hardly any expense. It looks classy if you can add some colors and give it a ethnic look with your creativity.

Fire Pit Made From Steel Roles

5. Eco Friendly Fire Pit:

This fire pit is not only easy to make but it is eco-friendly as you use eco-friendly fuel which is quite cheap and environment-friendly. For this pit, you need a large ceramic or metal box some river stones and eco-friendly fuel. You can also use a thick fireproof glass container with glass pebbles it will look absolutely stunning. You simply need to fill your container with stones or pebbles hide two tree bio fuel cans inside the pebbles when you are done with your arrangement light the cans with lighter that’s it easy isn’t it.

Eco Friendly Fire Pit

6. Your Own Concrete Fire Pit Bowl:

yes this is also very simple DIY fire pit idea you simply need a concrete bowl filled with sands and stones and your wood to burn and you are ready to enjoy the fire. It can be used indoor or outdoor and you can choose the size of your bowl as per your space.

Your Own Concrete Fire Pit Bowl

7. Fire Pit Made With Planter And Glass Box:

You need a square planter made of any fire friendly material and four glass frames. Make a box of glass frames using silicone to stick them together ensure that length and width of your glass is same as the planter. Once your glass box is ready just place it over the planter and enjoy the fire pit. One thing to be kept in mind is doing not use tempered glass as it can explode. This is best one for interior use.

 Glass Box

8. Indigenous Fire Pit:

You can make it by using a drum of your old washing machine all you need is few things like drum, safety glasses, cup wire brush and cut off wheel and a tutorial. Your fire pit will be ready in less than 15 dollars within an hour. This is cheapest homemade fire pit.

Indigenous Fire Pit

9. Build A Fire Pit Using Water Heater:

Yes your old water heater can be re-used in making a cheap fire pit and it is effortless to make. You hardly need any material for this one and you can add as much as creativity to make it look good.

Build A Fire Pit Using Water Heater


10. Fire Pit In The Metal Vessel:

All you need is a metallic vessel you can also color if you want. Fill it with sand and pebbles place your wood or any other burning fuel light it and enjoy avoid using this one in indoors.

Fire Pit In The Metal Vessel: