Step By Step Process To Transform Your Backyard In A Beautiful Pool

Process To Transform Your Backyard In A Beautiful Pool

We want all the facilities should be there in our small room, there are many things which are inside as well as outside. Having a pool to your backyard, it just like a dream comes true, you can enjoy bathing there, you can play games in it, your kids love it, you can take the sun bath here and it beautify your backyard, but you need to make sure that you should have plenty of water available, here is the step by step process by which you can have a pool to your backyard.

1. Mark The Area:

First you need to take measure the backyard dimensions, then you need to mark the design of the pool, make sure that you have enough area remain for the gardening and the other purposes.

Mark The Area

2. Dig The Ground:

Now you need to take the digging machine, if you have the kids, then you should dig the ground according to the height of the kids, normally we have the pool of the 4 to 5 feet depth, take out the mud of it and throw it, make the bottom surface as even a possible, for this you can tap it.

Dig The Ground

3. Install The Sides Of The Pool:

Now you need to take the side blocks of the pool, place them vertically as per the designs of the pool, now lock each the blocks and follow the pattern, so that you will have the outer design of the pool, now take the mud and fill the corners of the it and fix it firmly to the sides of the pool, now to the sides of it, install the water heater element to it and dig the ground place the wire in it and take it out to the place near to the electricity board.

Install The Sides Of The Pool

4. Prepare The Concrete Mixture:

Now you need to take out the concrete in the mixing machine, now take out the cement, make the ratio of 3 parts of the concrete and 1 part of the cement in it. Switch ON the machine and then mix all the things will, add the water to it and make the sticky mixture of it.

Prepare The Concrete Mixture

5. Prepare The Base By Mixture:

Now you need to add the mixture at one side to the base of the pool, now spread this mixture to the all the sides of the pool and then make the surface as even as possible, you can also make any design to the base of it, if you want to fix the tiles then you can or you can leave it as it is for a night, so that it will become dry.

 Prepare The Base By Mixture

6. Add The Stairs:

Now you need to install the stairs to enter in the pool, for this you need to make the stairs of the waterproof wood or the steel and place this to any side of the pool, fix it or to the walls of the pool.

Add The Stairs

7. Finalize The Pool:

As the structure of the pool is ready, now you need to clean it properly, take the water pump and then fill the pool with the water, to give it blue color you can also add the blue color to it, now to the sides of the pool, you need to place the stone blocks and make the sideway of it, your amazing backyard pool is ready, enter in it and enjoy in the water.

Finalize The Pool