Step By Step Process How To Install An Invisible BookShelf

How To Install An Invisible BookShelf

We always want to surprise our friends and our relatives with the creative ideas, we can try many things to our house and people will astonished that how it has been done, invisible book shelves are also like this, it looks like the books are hanging on the walls without any physical support, all you need to to have some of the simple tools and this step by step complete process to install invisible book shelves to you walls.

1.Tool Required:

We need some of the basic tools to install this, we need invisible book shelves, two wall hanger, two screws and a hammer drill machine with the wall bit installed on it.

Tool Required

2. Select An Even Place:

First of all you need to find out the place, where you can install the bookshelf, we need to check that the shelf will not obstruct anything and we need an even wall for this, so check about the place where the wall is even, because you need to hide the shelf totally by the books, you can use the measuring tap also, to first find out the dimension of the shelf and then mark out the best place for it.

Select An Even Place

3. Maintain The Level Of The Shelf:

As the shelf is not so wide, so we need to maintain the level of the bookshelf, for this you need to place the level measuring machine on the surface of the shelf, make sure the bubble in it, should be in line and it should not to either of the sides, if it is then you need to bend slightly to the other sides and maintain the level of the surface.

Maintain The Level Of The Shelf

4. Mark The Holes For Shelf:

As you have find out the right place for the shelf and level is maintained, now you need take the sharp pencil, hold the pencil to the right hand and hold the shelf tight with the left hand, now you need to draw a outer line of it and mark the holes of it, make sure that the shelf should not move as it may waste all of  you hard work as the level can be changed.

 Mark The Holes For Shelf

5. Drill The Holes:

Now you need to take the drill machine, place the wall drill bit in it, tight the screw of it, physically check that the bit should not moved, before making hole in the wall, you need to first, nailed to the hole, now place the drill bit on it, make a hole to it, now you need to go to the another mark and then make a hole also to it.

Drill The Holes

6. Fix The Shelf:

Now you need to insert wall hangers in the holes, hammer it to make it streamline with the walls, place the shelf on it, now insert the screw in it, tight it and make the shelf more firm to the wall, make sure that there should not be any gap in between the wall and the shelf as this will show the shelf when we place the book on it.

Fix The Shelf

7. Place The Books:

There is a small hook at the bottom of the shelf, now you need to place the books on it, take the last cover of the book and insert it to the hook, push the book, so that the hook will be covered by the book, now place the book on it, your invisible bookshelf is ready to use.

Place The Books