Six Amazing DIY Leaf Crafts For The Decoration Of Your Home

Leaves are one of the prettiest and most stunning natural beauties which we have with us today. We often come across a number of leaf shapes, sizes, looks and textures. We often ignore these dried up leaves and walk past them. You can use these lovely leaves to decorate your home making some beautiful and eye catching crafts for your homes. The crafts are easy to make and look extremely attractive.

Some Of The Amazing Diy Crafts For Your Home Have Been Mentioned Below

1. Wreath

Wreaths are beautiful and enhance the appearance of your home. You can make a nice and an appealing wreath with leaves. You can place a beautiful wreath the entrance or the door of your home. This will look lovely.


2. Picture For Frame

There are a number of times when we do not want to place a picture in our photo frame. You can use leaves as a picture for your frame. It looks different and exceptionally nice and appealing.


3. Painting

Painting with leaves is a beautiful decoration accessory for your home. You can use various colour and shapes to come up with a spectacular leaf painting. It looks stunning and brings out the artist in you.


4. Name plate

We all like to have a different nameplate for our homes. You can use leaves to make a lovely nameplate for your home. This looks very different from the usual nameplates.


5. Candles Or Lanterns

Interesting candles or lanterns can be made using leaves. You can use the leaves for enhancing the show and making the lantern or candle look better. It looks great after the candle or lantern has been illuminated.


6. Flowers

Many of us do not know that one can make interesting flowers from leaves. You can also make roses from leaves. You can twist and turn the leaves to come up with some stunning flowers for the décor of your home. It looks pretty and appealing.


These are a few awesome DIY leaf crafts which you can do all by yourself at home. These are eye catching and creative which look different and appealing. You will love the creative and artistic look of these.