Six Amazing And Simple Ideas To Have An Organized Bathroom


We all are in shortage of time and we often keep rushing throughout the day. There are a number of occasions when we are running late but can’t find the things which we need. The most common occurrence of these instances is in the bathroom. We keep a lot of our belongings in the bathroom but are unable to locate them during the time of need. It is always a great idea to arrange and organize your bathroom in a manner which makes your trip to the bathroom less hectic and more organized. There are a number of simple and interesting ways in which you can do this. Some of the amazing and simple ideas to get an organized bathroom

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1. Arrange Cosmetics In Jars

We are often digging the drawers for eyeliners, kohl pencils, liners and various other cosmetics when required. It is always better to arrange all of these and similar cosmetic products in jars. You can also label the jars or use different colour jars. This will save your time as you will know where exactly to find the stuff you need.

Arrange Cosmetics In Jars

2. Arrange Brushes

You should arrange brushes in one place. There are numerous kinds of brushes which we use. We should arrange these brushes according to the need and purpose. You shall always keep the toothbrushes separately from all the other brushes. You will soon realize how much easier it is if brushes are arranged in one place, it becomes easier to locate and search brushes instead of wasting time in the bathroom.

Arrange Brushes

3. Boxes

There are a number of small and different things which you need in bathroom. It is often difficult to locate them. It is always a great idea to make boxes of these different things and segregate them accordingly. You can arrange these boxes by labeling them appropriately. A person can even opt for coloured boxes. The different colour of boxes can help in differentiating the boxes.


4. Arranging Hair Accessories

Girls and women use a number of hair accessories and they have a variety of these in the bathroom. Often we are digging for hair clips, bands and other hair accessories. You shall try to segregate and keep hair accessories properly and according to their use. It is always important to keep the hair accessories differently and separately. This saves time in the bathroom as you exactly know where to find stuff.

Arranging Hair Accessories

5. Towel Holder

Towels are one of the most important accessories which in needed in the bathroom and every bathroom is incomplete without towels. There are a number of different kinds of towels which are needed in the bathroom. You can have towel holders and hooks where the towels can be placed. You shall keep extra towels in the cabinets in the bathroom. This will make it easy for you to locate and use towels in the bathroom.

Towel Holder

6. Arrange In Tray

You shall have a tray in the bathroom where you can arrange all the liquids used in the bathroom. You can arrange the lotion, shampoo; face wash etc. in a tray. This makes it easier for us to hunt for the bottle needed. It becomes extremely simple to search from bottles and sue them and keep them back.

Arrange In Tray

These are a few simple and easy ways to arrange things at the bathroom. This will save your time in the bathroom immensely.