Life Changing Uses Of Epsom Salt

Life Changing Uses Of Epsom Salt

Epsom salt is a natural occurring mineral compound of sulfate and magnesium, as the name suggest Magnesium Sulfate. It derived its name from the place its found on the earth, the famous bitter saline spring Epsom in Surrey, England. It has number of uses and even ability to cure many ailments and diseases in the natural way. A very famous find in Homeopathy and Ayurveda.

Importance and efficiency of Epsom salt are been discovered from the ancient time itself.It’s been recorded in the manuscripts. But its not been long time, ever since it came into our daily lives. People began to understand the benefits and advantages of using this natural remedy for many problems rather than opting for the chemical filled rescue that are easily available on the counter.

Apart from the basic uses that we always use natural elements for, it also has many uses for home, garden and even health related issues. Beauty benefits are many as its a big source of pure magnesium. As with all, using anything in excess is always inviting harm. So before trying anything for cure or on skin, please check with the doctors as every human is unique and each of our body respond differently to products.

Benefits Of Using Epsom Salt At Home :

1. Cleaning Purpose:

The first most in the list is using it for cleaning purpose. A home is not home if it is not well cleaned or maintained Epsom salt makes it easier for cleaning, It can help disinfect your tiles, especially bathroom tiles. Bathroom tiles tend to be slippery after consistent use, this has to be controlled and cleaned so that people don’t slip or fall while using bathrooms. Especially when you have little members using the bathrooms its always important to keeep them slip-free. Epsom salt, is very useful in such cleaning leaving behind no traces of slippery on the floor or tiles.

Epsom Salt

2. Cleaning Burnt Surfaces:

While cooking, food tends to stick to the pan causing a big headache later.This is a usual concern with everyone who cooks. It is a normal issue and such conditions occur almost every other time. This is where Epsom salt shows its magic. Sprinkle some on the burnt surface to clean it better. No extra scrubbing with metal wools or such things (which also makes our hands and fingers all the more dirty). So isn’t this trick easy ??

Burnt Surfaces

3. Get Crafty With Epsom Salt:

There are lots of craft works that can be done using Epsom salt. Vacation time are the hours where kids tend to sit silly without having much to do, if there fights and quarrels are an issue at home, here is a safe option to get them busy.  So that kids also enjoy their free time at home. Crafts include frosting windows and doing winter crafts with less mess.

Crafty With Epsom Salt

4. Battery Life:

Batteries can sometimes bring big tension just before an emergency situation. If that is happening in your case too, and you want to recondition your batteries when its too low just before an urgent drive, try adding a paste of epsom salt with water. It’s a magic mix. Now the chances of your car starting up is very very high.

 Battery Life

5. Clean Detergent Build Up In Washing Machines:

We use washing machines almost everyday. If there are kids around then there passes no day without using switching them atleast ones in a day. Due to the continuous usage buildup inside them is natural. Sprinkling some of this efficient Epsom salt can help diminish washing machine troubles by dissolving the build up. This is a magic cleaner without any chemicals.

Clean Detergent Build Up In Washing Machines

6. Clean Floors:

AS a clean home is always welcoming and fresh, keep them clean is a responsibility. Epsom salt can help your cleaning schedules all the more easy. Bad odors and dirt can be easily removed by adding some Epsom salt to the water before wiping the floors. This ensures the floor is neat and tidy before your guest arrives. Without the effects or tortures of any chemical powders or wash, house shines beautifuly – the natural way.

Clean Floors

Benefits In Gardening :

7. Get Rid Of Annoying Raccoons:

Every gardener knows the pain when some creatures cause harm to the garden – you take ample care of, as gardening is an art trhat is performed with heart. Each bud and plant is born inside the gardener before on the earth. Such is the case with raccoons.This Epsom salt fights them as well. They help in getting rid of raccoons, by  sprinkling some on the place where you find them, wait and watch to see how they disappear.

Get Rid Of Annoying Raccoons

8. Make Your Lawn Brighter And Greener:

The green coloured carpet of your neighbors garden is envying you each time you gaze, then you got to add or sprinkle some epsom salt to the roots of your own grass to turn your lawn all the more greener. Epsom salt can make the grass turn more brighter with every use.

Make Your Lawn Brighter And Greener

9. Deter Those Slugs Away:

If slugs are causing you big tension, Epsom salt comes for the rescue. Slugs are no more an issue if you have a packet of pure Epsom salt with you. This is going to be an easier hack.

Deter Those Slugs Away

10. Enrich The Magnesium Levels In Soil:

Soil is the important factor in gardening. Everything grows if our soil is enriched or naturally effective. To replenish soil magnesium levels, we add some epsom salt to soil to enrich it. If the soil is ready, then we can think of more yield too.. so adding Epsom salt can also help with good yield.


11. Help Revive Curling Leaves:

Green fleshy leaves are the life of a plant. From the look of the leaves and root we can determine the state of the plant. so curling leaves are natural problems we often see. Curling leaves are a cause of magnesium deficiency. Spraying some Epsom salt will revive them.

Curling Leaves

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