Landscaping Your Garden – 7 Simple Steps That Can Leave You In Awe



Garden is the main thing welcoming the people who are going to visit our home. If the garden is landscaped with proper design and different species of flowers, it will give a pleasant look to your visitors, favors your work if they are your superior officers. People always carried away by the size of their garden and the burden of work, leaving out the balcony with unpleasant look and uncontrolled weeds. Generally, it is not so difficult to give your garden enthralling looks; all it needs is simple procedures with proper care.

7 Simple Steps That Can Leave You In Awe

Steps to be followed:

Person need not to bother about the size of the garden, the steps that has to be followed will make the things simple.

Be Specific About Focal Point

With the better design, your garden must invite your visitors to your front door. Your decoration must emphasize your home but must not cover your home blocking the way to your visitors. Select the species that will not spread its branches through the corridor. It is then you can have a very great look in the garden.


Think About Future Specs

The things that you are going to add to your garden are permanent fittings and must withstand at least for 12 to 15 years. Use better quality things to decorate your garden, things that will not wear faster and endures more life. Plan to plant big trees far enough distance from your home because, the roots of the trees might collide with the basement of your house.

Plant Big Trees

Take Care About Protection

Give proper protection to your garden after decorating it. Choose the mulch based on the type of area you are living in. In case, if you are living in windy area, rubber bark is the better option. Think about physical properties of the mulch, their life, color and many other things that can assure you full protection for long time.


Get A Perfect Mix Of Perennials And Annuals

It is often recommended to have both because they help in improving the garden in many ways. Annuals take care of the color and brightness of the plants and grass in your garden. Perennial plant grows taller with better looks and improves the beauty of your garden. People always neglect the power of green grass in imparting better looks to their garden. Take proper care in terms of green grass and see the difference by yourself.

Perennials And Annuals

Make Sure That Your Garden Suits Your Surroundings

Firstly, get the clear view of your surroundings and then design your garden. Make sure that your garden does not provide odd looks when compared with the surroundings in terms of color, looks, types of trees and species. If you are living in a village then decorate it accordingly.

Garden Surroundings

Trim Your Shrubs

Take proper care to trim your shrubs and keep them in right size throughout the year. Irregular heights of the shrubs will not add any beauty to your garden. So maintain uniform height and also take care about the number of plants of each species.

Trimmed Shrubs

Separate Grass and Plants

No one wants to make a mess in their garden by growing up the grass and plants together allowing them to get through one another. Take proper care to separate different species and help your garden to improve its looks. For sure everyone will admire having a look at the garden.

garden mess


People must design their own ideas based on their garden space and surroundings along with the steps discussed above. This will help increase the beauty of your garden that will last long and makes you proud owner.