How To Repurpose Plastic Bottles Into Self-Watering Seed Starter Pots



Seed starter pots are very useful for people who like to do gardening. It helps in taking the plants from outside in the garden to an indoor area in the winter season. For this, you can use old plastic bottles. Convert them into self-watering pots or containers for seeds that will need very less watering only when the soil is dry. These pots provide natural moisture to the plants so it is an ideal choice for self-watering pots. It will also help in reusing and recycling the old bottles and avoid throwing them away in the garbage. We will give some tips for this. Following are some tips on how to repurpose plastic bottles into self-watering seed starter pots.

Things Needed

Things needed for the DIY seed starter pots are two-liter old plastic bottles, string or yarn made of cotton fiber, soil, screwdriver, hammer, scissors or blade, newspaper.


1. Cut The Bottle And Make Holes In The Cap:

Take two liters old plastic bottle. Draw a line in the center of the bottle with the help of a marker pen. You will make a cut on this line. After this, cut the bottle on the line with the help of scissors or a sharp blade. Take the bottle cap. Use screwdriver and hammer for making a hole in it. Make the hole in the center. Another option is to make a big hole in the center surrounded by smaller holes around it.

Cut The Bottle And Make Holes In The Cap

2. Cut Strings And Tie A Knot In It:

Take two strands of a long yarn or string. Make a loop at the ending section. Pass the string through bottle cap ensuring that the knot lies inside it. The string helps in wicking up moisture to the soil in the pot. If you are making multiple holes, cut a cotton string into 3 equal parts of fifteen inches length each. Tie a knot above 3 inches from the lower end. Pass 3 smaller strings in the large central hole. Pull it so that knot is inside the cap.

Cut Strings And Tie A Knot In It

3. Invert The Upper Part On The Bottom Base:

Place the upper part of the bottle on the bottom of the second part with a cap on it. Invert the upper part with neck downwards. Put it on the base of the lower part of the bottle. Keep a gap of two inches between the upper part and the base in such a way that the string can float in the water in the base. The plants will use the water from the lower section.

Invert The Upper Part On The Bottom Base

4. Stick Label And Put Newspaper:

Stick a label on the bottle with the name of the plant or seed written on it. It will help in remembering the seed you have planted in the bottle. Place newspaper on the bottom of the upper cup to block the sunlight and retain moisture. A newspaper is biodegradable and easy to remove


5. Put Soil, Seeds, And Water:

Put soil and seeds in the pot. Use soil with some amount of peat moss. Cut off and trim the extra newspaper. Water the soil and let it soak well. Wait for one hour till the water drains out. Ensure that the string you have used in the bottle is wet with water. Fill the lower part of the bottle with water and use it as a reservoir that will self-water the seeds. Avoid putting too much water as it will lead to algae growth. You should add more water in the lower part of the bottle when the water is finished. Do not put water in the upper section in the soil.

Put Soil, Seeds, And Water

6. Transplant The Saplings To The Garden:

Watch the seeds turn into young saplings after some time. Transplant the saplings to the garden later and enjoy your plants. Besides seeds, you can use this planter for growing small sized herbs and flowers.

Transplant The Saplings To The Garden