How To Repurpose Old Socks To Make DIY Sock Owls

Old Socks To Make DIY Sock Owls

Owls are interesting hunting animals with a mystical and magical feel about them. They come out only in the night so they are not seen very often. The female owls are beautiful and big in size. If you are a craft lover, you can make your own owls very easily at some by using some simple and easily available things like socks. Making owl ornaments is a lovely and wonderful idea. It is also a good way of reusing and repurposing old and used socks that would have been thrown anyway after use. Make a single owl or multiple owls with a family of the creatures. Make small or big owls by using socks of different types and sizes. Use it for decorating the house or give it to the kids for playing and having fun. The DIY owl is also a very good homemade gift that you can make for your friends. Made in easy and simple steps, the owl sock makes a lovely decoration. We will explain the method of making owls with socks. Following some tips on how to repurpose old socks to make DIY sock owls.

Things Needed:

One pair of socks, white and orange felt, two black safety eyes or buttons, stuffing of Poly material, stuffing beans, matching threads to sew the owl.

Things Needed

Tools Or Equipment Needed:

Sewing machine and sewing needles, fabric marker that can be easily removed by erasing, scissors, tweezers that have a blunt point.

Tools Or Equipment Needed

Steps For Making DIY Sock Owl:

1. Gather And Prepare All The Material:

Gather all the materials as well as tools according to the list given in the above section. Take colored or printed sock with design on it. Cut off its bottom foot part with scissors. After that, use scissors to cut off four inches from the bottom part on the toe of the second sock. It will be used for filing beans and beads. Make the white part of your owl’s eyes by turning the white felt in a round shaped circular piece. Make an asymmetrical diamond piece with the orange sock for making your owl’s beak.

Gather And Prepare All The Material


2. Put Stuffing And Seal The Bean Pack:

Close the open ends of the white sock with a running stitch for making a bean pack. Stuff the sock with silica beads. Another option is to stuff it with rice if you don’t have the silica beads with you. Do not stuff it till the top. Stuff only two-thirds of the sock bag. Seal the open end by pulling the thread and knotting it well. Make some stitches at the center of this bag and make a knot after drawing the thread out. Seal and cut off the thread to get a flat shaped bean pack.

Put Stuffing And Seal The Bean Pack

3. Make Owl Head:

Fill the poly stuffing to make the owl head. Put the filling in half portion in the colored sock. Make the owl body by inserting the bean pack inside after covering it with some amount of the poly stuffing. The bean pack should be placed at the base of the colored sock in the center. The owl sits on the lower surface on this base. Cover the open and raw ends with running stitches. Seal the open part by pulling the thread outwards. Hide the raw ends inside the body of the sock. Make the open part tight and knot. Seal open holes, if any with making running stitches and knotting. Give a symmetrical shape to the owl body by using your fingers.

Make Owl Head


4. Make Eyebrows And Ears:

Stitch symmetrical lines on the sock upper portion to make thick and full eyebrows and ears. Another option is to make thin eyebrows and ears. For this, decrease the gap between upper as well as the lower line.

Make Eyebrows And Ears

5. Finish The Eyebrows:

Make ladder stitches in the upper line. Make a knot after pulling out the thread and sewing. Finish the eyebrow with a ladder stitch and then pull out the thread at the starting point. Make the shape of eyebrows and ears. Pull the thread and put a knot. Cut it and insert the knot inside the sock.

Finish The Eyebrows

6. Make Owl Face:

Sew white felt on the owls face to make eye whites. Pin and sew orange felt beak on the face using a slipstitch. Fill poly stuffing inside the orange beak. Sew and seal the open ends.

Make Owl Face


7. Make Black Eyes:

Sew a black button on the eye whites to make eyes. Secure the stitches properly by knotting. Make the other eye also like this.

Make Black Eyes

8. Finish The Owl:

Finish the owl shape by making the legs. Turn the leg inside out, pin, make semi-circles and sew it with a machine. Turn it outside and fill the polyfill stuffing inside the legs. Pin, sew the wings to the owl body and secure well with a knot. Your sock owl is ready to decorate the house. Just as you made an owl with socks in this tutorial, you can follow the same steps to make a chick from small sized baby socks. Cut all the parts in small size to create a shape of a chick with socks.

Finish The Owl