How To Make Your Own Rustic Barn Door Night Stand At Home

Make Your Own Rustic Barn Door Night Stand At Home

We all have the many things in our living room, but one of the most important thing is the nightstand, close to your bed, we place many things on it and we use it extensively, these nightstands are quite expensive, there are doors and the shelves in it and these are used frequently, but you can make the barn door to the nightstand, just slide the door and use the nightstand, here is the step by step process to make the barn door night stand.

1. Tools Required:

We different plywood of different sizes, we need sheets of the different sizes, we need a sheet of the 10X20 inches, we need two sheets of 3.5X10 inches, we need strips of 1X4X10 inches, we need trims of quarter of an inch, we need barn door hardware, we need brad nails, we need pocket holes screws, we need wooden glue.

Tools Required

2. Drill The Pocket Holes To Sheets:

First you need to take the sheet of 3.5X10 inches, now clean the edges of both the edges, mark the sheet with the equal lengths close to the edge, drill the four pocket holes in both the sheet.

Drill The Pocket Holes To Sheets

3. Prepare The Base:

First you need to take the sheet of about 10X20 inches, now you need to mark the 3 lines on it, which has equal distance, now you need to take the other sheet of the same size and apply glue on it line, now place the two sheets on it which has the pocket screw holes on it, now place the screws and tight the screw and make the sheet firm on the board, now add place the sheet of 10X20 inch to the top of it, tight the screw in it.

 Prepare The Base

4. Prepare The Front Frame:

Now you need to make the front frame, for this you need to take the trim of quarter inch place it in between the two strips of the 1X4X10 inches, apply the wooden glue to it, now place it together and then make the pocket holes in it, add the screws and then tighten the screws in it.

Prepare The Front Frame

5. Fix The Front Frame:

As your frame is ready, now place it on the top of the base, mark the margins and then fix it with the brad nails, make sure that should not be any sharp edges, if it is then buff the edges.

Fix The Front Frame

6. Fix The Back Board:

As your front is ready, now you need to measure the back side, cut the ply wood of about the same size, now place the plywood on it, add the brad nails to it and make it firm.

Fix The Back Board

7. Prepare The Doors:

Now you need to take the wooden blocks of about 4X8 inches, take 4 of them, make pocket screw holes in it, place all the four block on a flat surface, tight the screws in it, now you will get the doors for the nightstand.

Prepare The Doors

8. Install The Barn Door:

At the top of the frame, you need to place the sliding strip of the barn door, install screws on it, make sure that the sliding strip should be in level, now you need to fix the two rollers to the top of the door, the height of the rollers should be same, now place roller on the sliding strip, add little bit of the grease in the roller, roll the door, your barn door nightstand is ready to use.

 Install The Barn Door