How To Make Your Own Colorful Table From The Old Bottle Caps

Colorful Table From The Old Bottle Caps

We should keep one thing always in the mind, that we can use any used products in a very beautiful crafts, even you can decorate your entire house with the used things, all you need it an idea, we all have the tables in our house and we have the glass bottles also which comes with the tin bottle caps, so we can make the top of the table with it, it simple and you can do it by your own at home, you need portable wood table, bottle caps, glue, epoxy raisin. Here is the simple step you need to follow to make your own bottle caps table.

1. Collect The Caps:

The most of the important thing is that you need to have plenty of the bottle caps, you need to start collecting the caps of the bottles as much as you can, because the size of the bottle caps are small and they have to fil a large surface of the table, make sure that the top of the caps should not be have any dent on it.

Collect The Caps

2. Assemble The Table:

Take out the kit of the portable wood table, now you need to place the base part of the table, take the supporting handle and fix it, make sure that it will not move easily, take the top of the table and assemble it on the top, make sure that the wood should be move to any place.

Assemble The Table

3. Add The Sides To The Table:

To place the caps on the top of the table and they will intact to each other, you need to take the thin wooden strip, now take the upper part of the table, add the wood glue to it, now fix the wooden strip to it, hold it for sometime, so that it will get stick to the top of the table.

Add The Sides To The Table

4. Add Glue To The Caps:

Take the white sealant or the wooden glue, flip the cap to the bottom side, clean it proper about the dirt in it, add the glue to it, you need to repeat the process and add the sealant to all caps

5. Arrange The Caps On Table:

Take the caps, place it on one by one on the table, you should start it from the edges and made the circle of it, make sure that there will not be any gap in it, again make the layer and slowly reduce the diameter of the circle and come to the center of the table, leave the table for sometime, so that the caps will get glued to the table easily.

Arrange The Caps On Table

6. Prepare The Epoxy Mixture:

Take the epoxy mixture and the raisin in the bucket, mix it well, make sure that you should prepare enough amount of the epoxy mixture so that all the table will get cover from it.

Prepare The Epoxy Mixture

7. Pour The Mixture:

As your epoxy mixture is ready, pour it to the table slowly and cover all the places, shake the table so that the level of the mixture will get even and it will go inside the sides of the caps, take the float and with the soft hands, tap the epoxy mixture, so that it will get spread, again make the surface flat, leave the mixture for about the 1 day, so that the epoxy will get set and your colorful table by the bottle caps is ready to use.

Pour The Mixture