How To Make Gorgeous Homespun Vase With Empty Wine Bottles

Make Gorgeous Homespun Vase With Empty Wine Bottles

We all have the wine bottles in our home and as they empty we throw it, but you know now a days, people love to decorate the used items, there are many ways to decorate them and you can also save a good amount of money, we love to have homespun vase in our home for the decoration, because of its rustic look, if you go in the market, then it is quite expensive, but if you have the used wine bottle, then you can make the homespun vase by your own

Here Are The Simple Steps To Make The Homespun Vase By The Wine Bottles:

1. Things Required:

You need to have the clean wine bottle, take the hot glue gun, make sure the point should be small, take the roll of the twine, take the hard scissor, take the flowers for the vase, now take any decorative item, you need artificial green grass, artificial fruits, glittering ribbons.

Things Required

2. Selection Of Bottle:

The selection of the bottle is the most important thing as you do all the creativity on it, make sure the bottle should not have any bumps in it, the neck of the bottle should be plain without any curls or designs on it, the bottle should not be broken and if it is transparent without any color, then it is best to use, the bottom of the bottle should be thick.

Selection Of Bottle

3. Roll The Twine On Bottle:

The first thing is that you need to take out the twine, take the wax in the hands, now pass the thread from the wax, this will give the rustic look to the twine, now you need to take the hot glue gun, apply a layer of the glue on the bottom of the bottle, now place one edge of the twine to on the glue, hold it for sometime so that it will become dry, now again apply the glue and the twine on it, you need to follow the pattern till the neck of the bottom come, now cut the twine, now apply the glue on the top of the bottle, stick the twine to it, now follow the same pattern to come down to the neck.

Roll The Twine On Bottle

4. Decorate The Homespun:

As all the twine is dry and fixed properly with the bottle, now you can decorate the bottle as you want, for this you can take many things, if you are planning to decorate the homespun for the Christmas, take the glittering ribbon, now wrap the neck with the ribbon, tie the knot, you can use many colors also, take the artificial fruits, apply the hot glue on it, now fix the fruits on it, to the back side of the fruits, you can also fix the artificial green grass to it. If you give you homespun the real rustic look, then you can go with the burlap, apply the glue to the middle part, fix the burlap to it, glue small flower to it also.

Decorate The Homespun

5. Add The Flowers:

Your homespun is now ready, take the flowers as you want, you can go with the real or the artificial flowers, insert it in the vase and place it on the dinner table as an item for the item pieces, even you can also add the wine to it again. The Homespun vase from the wine bottles is ready to use.

Add The Flowers