How To Make 3D Paper Snowflakes For Winter Crafts

3D Paper Snowflakes For Winter Crafts

Snowflake decorations made with paper look very beautiful and it is very good for decorating your home. These are made by using craft skills. Paper is cut and shaped into pretty snowflake shapes. However, it is better to make 3D or three-dimensional snowflakes instead of making the simple flat shapes. It is easy to make them. Creating the 3D snowflakes is a delightful project that will give you the joy of making a beautiful craft work. We will explain the method of making the snowflakes.

Following Are The Steps On How To Make 3 D Paper Snowflakes For Winter Crafts:

Things Needed:

Take six white copy paper or origami paper, scissors, tape, stapler. If you want to make big snowflakes, use eight paper pieces


Method Of Making Paper Snowflakes:

1. Fold The Paper Diagonally To Make Triangle:

Fold the white paper from its center diagonally. Fold again from center diagonally to get a triangle shape. Chop the rectangle edge that protrudes out to get a nice triangle shape without pointed ends. Align the shape of the paper properly to make a triangle out of a square sheet of paper. Again, fold the triangle from its center and remember the position of folded lower part. Do this with all the six paper sheets or pieces you have taken.

Diagonally To Make Triangle


2. Give Three Cuts And Unfold The Triangle:

Make three cuts on the triangle shaped paper with the help of scissors starting from the lower fold and going parallel with edges. Give a diagonal shape to the cuts you make. Make the cut almost near the twice-folded crease but leave some gap and do not cut across it fully. Make the cuts with a similar distance between two cuts. Unfold the triangle paper to get a big sized similar shape.

Unfold The Triangle

3. Fold The Inner Paper Lines To Make Tube:

Open up both the triangles to get the original square shaped paper. Let the pointed end of the square be in front of you facing you. Place the pointed end of the diamond shaped paper upwards. Roll the paper folded line in the center to get a tube shape. Stick these pieces with the help of tape. The sides of the tubes outside the tube should look like a triangle.

Paper Lines To Make Tube

4. Lift The Paper Lines And Stick With Tape:

The next step is turning the diamond paper upside down to the opposite side so that the upper side comes down the lower side up. Lift the paper lines in the center and stick them with the help of tape on the opposite of tube. It makes a round and wider shape with the paper lines.

Paper Lines And Stick With Tape

5. Turn The Paper Upside Down And Repeat The Above Step:

Turn the paper upside down to the opposite side and repeat the process of making a round shape with the paper lines. Do this until all the paper lines that are made with slits or cuts are joined to the opposite side of the earlier tube and held together with tape.

Upside Down And Repeat The Above Step

6. Make All Six Paper Shapes With Above Steps:

Continue doing this with the rest of five paper sheets following the above steps and repeating them in a similar way. Like this, you will get total six shapes made with the above construction method. If you are using eight papers, you will get eight big sized shapes.

Six Paper Shapes With Above Steps

7. Staple Three Paper Shapes With Three Arms:

For the next step, you need to take three rolled paper shapes as made above at a single point and join it by stapling it with a stapler. First, join three pieces together and then join the remaining three pieces too to get two pieces of joined rolled paper shapes. Thus, each piece will be having three arms and sides made with individual rolled paper.

Staple Three Paper Shapes With Three Arms

8. Join The Two Half Paper Shapes To Get A Snowflake:

The last step is to join the two big shapes with each other in the center with the help of a stapler. Insert the stapler pin at the point where the arms join with each other to get a nice snowflake shape. Hang the paper snowflakes in your room. You can also use them as a centerpiece of a table.

Join The Two Half Paper Shapes To Get A Snowflake