How To Give New Look To Our Stained Ugg Boots

Give New Look To Our Stained Ugg Boots

It is not easy to everyone to buy to ugg shoes as they are so expensive, so you need to be extra careful while wearing it, but dirt can be anywhere and it can trapped our expensive ugg shoes easily and make our ugg shoes ugly, as it is hard to clean the ugg shoes but we cannot throw out our ugg shoes normally, if we go to the cobbler then he will also charge much from us, but there are many hacks by which we can clean our ugg shoes, as per the stain there are different tools.

Here Is Some Of The Hacks For Cleaning The Ugg Shoes:

1. Oil And Grease Stain:

We cannot sure that which stain can be on the ugg shoes, but the oil and the grease can be easily make your shoes dirty and you cannot remove it easily, you need to follow some of the simple step, first you need to clean the shoes with the clean cloth, then you need to take the white chalk and rub it on the oil and grease area, leave it for sometime, so that the oil and the grease will be soaked by the chalk, now you need to take the hard brush and brush the area, so that all chalk will be removed.

Oil And Grease Stain

2. Dirt Stains:

We go out for the party, picnic, shopping and many other place wearing the ugg shoes, but sometime, mud and other dirt particles can be trapped in it and you can not take it out easily, so you need to first take the nylon brush, now brush the surface in one direction, that is from top to the bottom, this will remove the hard dirt, now dip the water in the lukewarm water and the rub it on the stains in circular motion, so that the dirt will be removed, tap it with the tissue paper.

Dirt Stains

3. Salt Stains:

In the winter we love to wear the ugg shoes as they give the warmness to the legs, but we also know that there can be chances of the salt stain to the shoes, there is a procedure by which you can remove the stains of salt, you need to take the pencil rubber and rub it on the area, now apply few drops of the water on it and leave it, so that the leather will soak the water, take the dish water to the sponge and then rub the stain slowly in the circular motion, salt stain will be removed easily.

 Salt Stains

4. Water Spots:

If you go out and suddenly the rain starts, then you cannot save your expensive ugg boots and there are water spots all over the shoes, they sometime damages the leather of the shoes also, you need to use any thing on it, just clean the dirt of the it with the brush, now take the other ugg shoe and rub it on the water spot for few seconds, you will see all the spots will be removed.

Water Spots

5. Scuff Marks:

Scuff and be happen to any shoes, but if it is on your ugg shoes, then it removes the look of the shoes, but it is easily to remove, you need to first rub the scuff area with the brush, then take the sponge and apply the water to the ugg shoes, place it to the sun light for sometime, you will see all the scuff marks are removed.

Scuff Marks