How To Build Beautiful Swing Around A Campfire For The Summer

Build Beautiful Swing Around A Campfire For The Summer

We always want to go out for the party and if the parties are at the open place, then it is so amazing, in the winters we go out for the parties, we also sit around the campfire and enjoy the moment, we normally sit on the chairs, but if you want to add more fun, then you can build swings around a campfire, swinging always add excitement, you need to call anybody to install it, but you can make it by your own, you need to follow some of the simple step and tools and you can build your own swings.

Here Are The Steps You Need To Follow:

1. Set The Ground:

First you need to select the ground, there should be grass on the ground and the mud should be slightly moisturized, the level of the ground should be even, now you need to mark the area for the campfire in any design you want, now you need to mark the ground of the radius of 8 feet.

Set The Ground

2. Prepare The Foundation:

As the area is selected, you need to mark out a big circle and dig the 6 holes of about 1.5 feet deep in it, which should have equal distance, now you need to take the beam of about the 10 feet in high, now place this inside the hole and fix it, now you need to add two blocks to one pillar so that the pillar will be in straight line, prepare the mixture of the cement and concrete, add this to the holes, leave it for sometime, so that it will become hard.

Prepare The Foundation

3. Place The Top Pillar:

Now you need to take the wooden block, which should be of the length slightly more than of the gap between two pillar, take 6 blocks of it, now add wooden glue to the each edges and place this on the top of pillars, now take the big nails which can go through the pillars, now nailed it gently and make it firm, do this for all the 6 pillars and make it firm, you need to be sure that the whole structure is tight enough.

Place The Top Pillar

4. Place The Campfire:


Now you need to first select the area in the middle of the pillars, now take out the grass of it, place the concrete blocks on it,  place the brick on it, fix it with the cement and make the circular shape or you and also make your own design, you need to make the 4 layers of the bricks, leave it for sometime, so that the bricks will get firm, now add the wood to it and your campfire is ready to use.

Place The Campfire

5. Add The Swings:


Now you need to take the swings, make sure that the swings should not be more than the area between the gap of two pillars, now you need to take the measuring tape and measure the distance between the wire of the swings, now take the drilling machine and drill the hole in it, screw the hook in it and tight it gently, now you need to place the strings on the hooks, make it tight so that it will not fell down, now you need to place the swing to the other hook of the strings, do this process for all the swings, now you need to place the cushions on the swings and burn the campfire and enjoy the swing.

Add The Swings