How To Build A Small Bird Trap For Your Garden


Capturing a small bird requires a deep understanding about trapping animals that are free, or in the wild. Don’t catch birds for the sake of fun or hurting them. You may be considering trapping a small bird for keeping as a pet, or even for saving it from another predator, or healing its injuries. There are a lot of things that you can make a trap from. But the major factor here is that you should be on the look out for the signs of the birds. These include nests, droppings of the birds, feathers, etc. You can catch a small bird in the backyard of your home, or even out in the woods.

A Small Bird Trap For Your Garden

Things You Will Need

Small pocket knife along with some medium sized rocks, a string or rope, some small sticks and some long thick sticks

Things you will need

Step one -Searching

Search and scan the area for any signs of smaller birds. Your focal points should be the places where the birds have also landed previously. Usually birds look for barren trees or clear poles for as resting places.


Step Two -Prepare Stick

Prepare your stick by using the knife to sharpen its edge. You should try to sharpen the thick sticks at their ends, which should be at least 5 feet long into points. Again, use the knife for drilling a small hole through the stick, close to one end of it.

Prepare Stick

Step Three – Insert Sticks

Search for smaller sticks that can be inserted at least 5 inches in to the length of the drilled holes. This stick should be small enough to fit into this hole. Make sure you get your noose sizes correct and don’t stand near the stick all the time. If you do so, the chances of the bird not getting caught are much higher. Let the trap do its work.

Insert Sticks

Step Four – Setting The Rock

Use a rock, which is about your hand fist size, and use the string to secure it tightly by tying a knot around it. The rock helps to lace for lacing through the larger stick. You can substitute the string with a shoelace or cord too. After you knot the string around this rock you should lace it through the hole, and place it in the bigger stick. Now you have to tie a slip loop, which is about your fist size, at the side of the string from where you had passed the hole.

Setting the Rock

Step Five -Tie Overhand Knot

You should thread the string through for preventing it from sliding through this small hole. For this you have to tie an overhand knot, which should come from the other side that falls right in front of the hole.

Tie overhand knot

Step Six -Trapping

Slot in the smaller stick into the hole you have made, but ensure that the stick does not go all the way through it. The idea is to make the small bird land on this stick. As the bird lands here this stick will fall and the loop would noose around feet of the bird, and trap it. You have to push the big stick firmly into the ground in a way that the smaller one comes out for. Now wait for the bird to land on it. Once you have the bird, you can then proceed to healing its injuries or helping it escape from a predator.