Five Amazing Ideas To Make DIY Garden Crafts By Recycling Things At Home

Recycling Things At Home

Gardens are one of the most beautiful areas in our homes. Gardens are bestowed upon with natural beauty which makes them absolutely eye pleasing sights for the humans. Many of us have beautiful gardens in our homes which we simply love to decorate and enhance according to our choices and likes. There are a number of amazing, creative and innovative ideas and ways with which we can decorate and enhance the look of our absolutely beautiful and lovely gardens. There are a number of amazing DIY crafts which you can easily do in the garden with old things at home or the things which you don’t use any longer.

Some Of These Beautiful Things Have Been Mentioned Below.

1. Flowers With Bottle Caps

There are a number of beautiful and eye pleasing flowers in our gardens. You can also make some beautiful flowers for your garden using bottle caps. The bottle caps can be painted in bright colors and can be joined together to make flowers. You can also make interesting designs on the flowers also or write a meaning message or words on them. These are great ways of making your garden look great and recycling old products.

Flowers With Bottle Caps

2. Artificial Mushrooms

Many of us are extremely fond of mushrooms and love to have the dishes made with them. You can make some artificial and eye catching mushrooms using bowls at home. You need to use the bowls in an inverted manner. The outer area of the bowl can be painted well to make it look like mushroom. These bowls can be attached to used branches of plants or logs of trees in the garden. These look very interesting. Most of the times they are mistaken to be real mushrooms. You can easily try them for your garden.

Artificial Mushrooms

3. Artificial Ladybird

Ladybirds are a common occurrence in the garden. Many of us are fascinated on seeing them. You can make them at home for your garden easily. You can make artificial ladybird using logs or bowls. You can carve out a log in a semi- circular shape or use a bowl which is semicircular in shape. A small ball or a smaller semi circular object can be used as the upper part of the ladybird’s body. You can paint the ladybird red with black polka dots on them. You can leave them on trees and plants. You will love their look in the garden.

Artificial Ladybird

4. Garden Markers With Ice Cream Sticks

Ice cream sticks are something which all of us throw once we have eaten the ice cream. You can use these ice cream sticks to make beautiful garden markers for your garden. They can be embellished and decorated in beautiful ways to make lovely garden markers and can be used beautifully to enhance the look of your garden and give it a lovely look.

Garden Markers With Ice Cream Sticks

5. Old Cycle Planter

We often throw away an old cycle or do not use it. Old cycles can be used for interestingly as planters for your garden. They look absolutely lovely and often become the attention catcher for your garden. You can also paint the cycle beautifully for a better look. This will be one of the most attractive planters in your garden.


These are a few amazing ideas for using old products and recycling them beautifully in your garden and also enhancing the look of your garden.