Five Amazing DIY And Interesting Uses Of Saucers In Garden

We often reuse old things at home and recycle them in some amazing ways. We use various old things at home for some beautiful and eye catching decor pieces at home and in the garden. We all have plenty of old and unused things at home and there are a number of times when we don’t know how to use them appropriately. One of these things are saucers. Most of us are extremely confused as to how to reuse and recycle them. You can use saucers in some amazing ways to create interesting DIY attractions in the garden.

Some Of These Have Been Mentioned Below.

1. Planters

Planters are one of the most important and eye catching things in the garden. Every garden is incomplete without the planters. You can have interesting planters using saucers in the garden. You can use interesting designs of saucers and also embellish them to look more attractive.


2. Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are one the most musical and beautiful things which you can use to enhance the look and feel of the garden. You can make some beautiful wind chimes using saucers.

Wind Chimes

3. Lights

Illumination of the garden is an important and it plays an integral part in the appearance of the garden. You can use saucers to have a stunning illumination for your garden. You can use some amazing and attractive saucers for making the lights and illumination in the garden look pretty and attractive.


4. Bird Feeder

A bird feeder is one of the best things which you can have in your garden. It will attract various interesting birds from all around. You can have a stunning bird feeder which can be made at different levels using saucer. This will give a very attractive and appealing look.

Bird Feeder

5. Hanging Garden

Hanging garden is one of the most amazing and stunning ways to utilize the space in the garden optimally and also enhance the look of the garden. It is one of the most amazing way in which you can use a saucer in the garden as it will serve dual purpose.

 Hanging Garden

These are a few amazing uses of saucers. You can use saucers in some amazing and eye catching ways in your garden.