Eight Interesting DIY Wind Chimes For Your Home And Garden

We all love to have musical and absolutely lovely background music in our homes and gardens. We don’t want the music to hurt or pinch the ears. It shall be pleasing and appealing. There are some wonderful ways in which you can have lovely background music for your home and garden. It is not only pleasing but also creates a very different and lively environment. One of the best ways to add a lovely musical environment in your home is with wind chimes. You can make some amazing DIY wind chimes at home with utmost ease.

Some Of The Most Amazing Wind Chimes Have Been Mentioned And Discussed Below.

1. Jar Wind Chimes

There are a number of amazing jars of different shapes and sizes which are available at home. We do not use many of these jars. You can use these jars in some amazing ways and ideas to make a beautiful wind chime. The jar can be cut nicely to be given a nice look. You can also embellish the jar to make it attractive and eye catching.

Jar Wind Chimes

2. CDs Wind Chimes

These days most of us do not use CDs as they are devices which are more advance available in the market. You can use the old and unused CDs to make a lovely wind chime. The CDs can be used as whole or can be broken into pieces to get a lovely looking CD wind chime.

CDs Wind Chimes

3. Seashell Wind Chimes

Seashells are one of the things which we often collect in plenty when we visit a sea beach but forget about it soon. You can use these lovely seashells for making absolutely stunning and eye catching wind chimes for your home. You can use and arrange them in beautiful ways to get a great looking wind chime.

Seashell Wind Chimes

4. Keys Wind Chimes

Many of us have old keys at home which are of no use to us any longer. You can use these keys in absolutely amazing ways to make a lovely wind chime. It looks very innovative and different and the music of this wind chime is also very different.

Keys Wind Chimes

5. Bottle Caps Wind Chimes

Many of us have a large number of soda bottle caps at home which are of no use. You can use these amazing caps in interesting and appealing ways to make an eye catching and magnificent bottle caps wind chime. The bottle caps can also be embellished and decorated in a number of ways to make them look more appealing.

Bottle Caps Wind Chimes

6. Folks And Spoon Wind Chimes

Folks and spoons are something which we use daily. We often do not use the old folks and spoons. You can make an interesting and eye catching wind chime for your home or garden with these. You can arrange the folks and spoon in amazing ways to get a lovely looking wind chime.

Folks And Spoon Wind Chimes

7. Bottles Wind Chimes

Bottles are one of the few things which most of us have available in our homes in large quantities. You can use these glass bottles for making some amazing wind chimes. You can simply use the bottles in their bare form or have them in different shapes and looks with some eye catching embellishments. These look lovely.

Bottles Wind Chimes

8. Pallet Wood Wind Chimes

Pallet wood wind chimes are one of the most interesting and eye catching DIY wind chimes. You can make these wind chimes in a number of interesting designs and looks. It is also a great way to reuse old things.

Pallet Wood Wind Chimes