Easy Steps To Make Gorgeous Rustic Wooden Wine Bath Tray

Steps To Make Gorgeous Rustic Wooden Wine Bath Tray

We do a lot of work in all the day and when we come to the home, we want a full relax, taking warm bath is the best option and have a glass of the wine in the hand is an awesome feeling, but we need a separate tray to hold the wine glass, apart of the wine glasses we need to place the some of the useful items, so we need a wine bath tray, it is a simple process by which we can install the wooden wine bath tray by our own.

1. Mark The Wooden Blocks:

First you need to take the three wooden blocks of about 20 inches in length and 2 inches of width, place all the blocks together, then you need to take the ruler and mark the whole blocks, draw 4 lines over it with the equal distance.

Mark The Wooden Blocks

2. Drill The Hole:

Now you need to take the drill machine, add the wooden drill bit to it, place it on the line that we have drawn and make the hole to it, make sure the hole should be straight, there will be chips to the edge of the holes, take the emery paper and rub it to the wood, to get a true surface.

Drill The Hole

3. Stick All The Blocks:

Now you need to take the waterproof glue, apply it all the sides of the blocks, add the nails in the holes and then place all the blocks like that all the nails go inside to the holes, now you need to take the wire and wrap it to the sides and the center of the blocks, make it tight, so that all the blocks will stick together.

 Stick All The Blocks

4. Mark Holes For Item In The Tray:

Now you need to mark the table for the wine glasses, take the wrapping tape, place it on the tray and then draw the circle with the pencil, place your phone or your tab on the tray and mark it also, now you need to check the dimensions of the stuffs again and mark the holes accordingly.

Mark Holes For Item In The Tray

5. Dig Out The Wood For The Items:

Now you need to take the chisel or you can also take the chisel machine, place it in the mark of the phone, now you need to take out the wood from it, place the machine to the middle of the hole and dig the hole in it, now slowly increase the size of the hole, as you reached the desired marking, again take the emery paper and rub the edges of the holes, so that there will be a smooth surface.

Dig Out The Wood For The Items

6. Give It Rustic Look:

Now you need to take the rustic iron, make it hot, now apply it all over the tray, make sure as you applied it, then you need to rub the surface with the clean cloth, here if any wooden chips or the corners are there, then you need to take it out with the emery paper.

Give It Rustic Look

7. Finalize The Tray:

As your tray is ready, then you need to find out the place where you want to install it, the best place is to use it on the bath tub, just enter to the bath tub, now place the tray to the top of the bath tub, add the wine glass in the holes, with the phone to its place and enjoy the rustic wooden wine bath tray.

Finalize The Tray