9 Ways To Create A Vintage Style Kitchen

Most of us like to decorate the interiors of our house with modern decoration and designing methods. If you go back into the time to the age of your grandmother, you will notice that the decoration techniques used in those times were simply amazing. The old-fashioned style of the bygone era is a big craze among people today whether in decoration or fashion. It is also known as vintage style. Decorating the kitchen with a vintage style is a very appealing idea. Using old decoration and interiors techniques will make the kitchen look quite attractive. For this, you should how to use vintage items and methods for kitchen décor. We will give some tips for this. Use out tips and ideas to convert your present kitchen to a vintage style cooking area.

Following Are The 9 Ways To Create A Vintage Style Kitchen:

1. Use Curtains

Using curtains in the kitchen creates a vintage look. Buy vintage curtains from the market and hang them in the kitchen. Choose curtains with kitschy and whimsical prints that look old fashioned. Buy retro fabrics and sew curtains at home.

Use Curtains

2. Use Open Storage

Use open storage to create a vintage look in the kitchen. If there are cabinets with glass doors, place vintage kitchen items inside it. Install open shelves and display mason jars, salt and pepper containers, teapots, cups, Pyrex bowls, and cake stands on it. Buy vintage housewares from antique shops and display them in the kitchen.

Use Open Storage

3. Use Vintage Color Theme

Give a retro or vintage look to your kitchen by using a color theme that was used in the olden times. Choose stools, lights, utensils and jars in strawberry color. Buy kitchen items in colors that were used in the decade of fifties and sixties. You can also use the cherry color in the kitchen.

Use Vintage Color Theme

4. Use Screened Door

Remove the old door that you have been using in the pantry and replace it with a screened door. This will give a vintage look to your kitchen. You can also use a screen door as the main door of the kitchen on the way out from it.

Use Screened Door

5. Use Barn Doors

Using barn doors in the pantry also gives a vintage look to the kitchen. Take bar door panels and paint it using black color. Remove the old door and install the barn door in the pantry. Use stained glass windows in the kitchen along with this.

Use Barn Doors

6. Use Vintage Lights

Pay attention to the lighting. A good lighting helps in seeing and cooking in a better way. Use vintage lights in the kitchen. Hang a crystal chandelier on the roof or ceiling. Buy vintage lights from local flea markets. You can use an atomic sunburst light.

Use Vintage Lights

7. Use Vintage Appliances

Create an old style look in the kitchen by placing vintage appliances in it. Buy vintage mixers and other appliances and display in the cooking area. Use old style tools and utensils. You can also keep an antique table in the kitchen.

Use Vintage Appliances

8. Use Vintage Accessories

Use vintage accessories in the kitchen to make it look old fashioned. Keep vintage table and chairs. Use vintage canisters for storing sugar. Buy squeeze bottles for keeping the mustard sauce and tomato sauce like the ones used in the olden times. Use straw canisters. Place antique food scales to measure food ingredients while cooking.

Use Vintage Accessories

9. Use Farmhouse Sink

Remove the old sink from the kitchen and replace it with a farmhouse sink. Choose a sink made of porcelain for a vintage look. Apart from this, install a gooseneck faucet in it for improving the looks. This sink design was used in the olden times in the farmhouses.

Use Farmhouse Sink