9 Tips To Organize Your Home Using Shoe Boxes

Shoe Boxes are a great way to organize items and keep them secure. A large shoe box can be repurposed in so many ways, making it a very versatile item for storage. The compact size of the box enables you to tuck it away beneath clothes at the corner of the closet. You can also stack up your cupboard with shoe boxes, each of which hold important items, all neatly labeled to indicate what they hold.

Here Are Tips To Organize And De Clutter Your Home Using Shoe Boxes

1. Storing Pens And Markers

Shoeboxes are perfect for storing a large number of pens, markers, felt pens, highlighters etc. Get a shoe box and fill it with plastic cups. You can also have a thin PVC pipe cut into two-inch pieces which can be then arranged into the box. Put the pens, markers etc into the containers or pipes. You can have a good view of all items inside whenever you open the box. Storing such items in a shoe box, also prevents them from getting lost.
Storing Pens And Markers

2. Hanging Jewelry

Take the shoe box’s lid and attach hooks to it. You can find small hooks in a carpentry or lifestyle store. Use a hammer to push them neatly inside the box lid. Hang your jewelry items such as necklaces, chains, bracelets etc from it. You can place it on a shelf to quickly remove jewelry items that you want to wear in the day. At the end of the day, put them back by just hanging on the hook.

Hanging Jewelry

3. Storing Small Personal Items

Items such as ties, handkerchiefs, socks and underwear can be folded and packed inside shoe boxes. You can put in about hundreds of such items in just a single box or two and put the box in your drawer. No more rummaging for such items when you need them. Just open the drawer and pull out the box lid to find what you need.
Storing Small Personal Items

4. Keeping Chargers 

Almost everyone in the home has a Smartphone or tablet, thus resulting in a whole lot of chargers cluttering tables and desks. Remove this clutter by organizing such chargers into a shoe box. Take a shoe box and make eyelet holes on both sides. You can probably make five holes on a single side. Place the chargers inside and pull the chord of each charger through an eyelet hole. Connect your cell phones to their chargers. When you need to charge open the lid. Pull out the charger, connect to the plug and charge the phone. When the charging is done, place it inside the box.
Keeping Chargers

5. Storing Bills And Documents

All those receipts that you have got from shopping expeditions, bills for amounts that have to be yet paid can be neatly tucked away into shoe boxes. You’ll never miss them and they won’t form a clutter in the desk. Paint the boxes in a single color and label them according to the kind of documents you want to store in them. You can have half dozen boxes ready like this in no time at all.
Storing Bills And Documents

6. Keeping Books And Magazines

Get a shoe box and remove the lid. Cut an arch at the side of the box to make it look like a file holder. Put in your kid’s school books and magazines into it. You can label the boxes according to the type of books that are going to be stored in them.
Keeping Books And Magazines

7. Store Ribbons

Shoeboxes are the perfect way to organize your ribbons. Roll them up and place them inside the box, one on top of the other. When you need a ribbon, open the box and pick the color that you need. You can also make nice eyelets on the sides of the box, stack the ribbons vertically and pull a ribbon through each eyelet, making it easy to cut and use them as and when required. Placing all ribbons in the shoe box prevents them from unwinding and cluttering up space. They also won’t get lost under bigger clothing.
Store Ribbons

8. Store Keys 

The car keys, duplicate front door keys, keys to your cupboards etc can be all put inside a shoe box, which can be stacked at the corner of the closet. With all the keys in one place, you can find them quickly when you need them.
Store Keys

9. Store Stationery Items 

Stationery items like scissors, solo tape, gum, makers, etc can be easily packed up inside a shoe box. It’s the best place to store them away from sunlight and other elements that can damage them. As they are all inside a shoe box, you can easily find them when required.

Store Stationery Items