9 Things To Arabianize Your Home


Arabianize Your Home

If you are a die-hard fan of Arabian home décor, you would already have most of the things that are mentioned below; if not, it is high time that you got some of these to completely Arabianize your home. A few of these materials are enough to give your home an Arabian ambiance. However, if you can get all of these, your home can be truly Arabian. Rather than go on in debate mode.

Let Us Take A Look At The 9 Arabian Things That Are Mentioned Here :

Lamps –

Magic lamps have always had that Arabianism to them since the day we came to hear the Arabian Nights and Aladdin’s stories. Such lamps are definitely the first things that you should have if you are looking forward to creating an Arab state of affairs in your home. It does not matter where you keep the lamps. If the lamps are big, you can keep them on the floor near tables or sofas. If they are small enough, you can place them on your tables or shelves. You can even bring them near your electrical table lamps just to keep you company while you are at study.


Carpets –

Just like the magic lamps, magic carpets also have that medieval lure that take you back to those days of magicians who could do wonders with their ropes, carpets, etc. Arabian carpets can easily transform your home into an Arabian palace or a mirage by an oasis side. You can get these carpets in different varieties and sizes. You can buy or collect one or more of these carpets to add-on to the Arabianism in your home. The living rooms are often the best places to sprawl these carpets out. You can also use the carpets in your dining halls or bedrooms. You can also put small Arabian mats to match with the carpets.


Paintings –

Arabian paintings can come in very handy to bring about a whole décor transformation in your home. If you are already a paintings fan, you will not have any trouble getting a few exotic paintings that display camels, deserts, Bedouins and sand dunes. Hang these paintings along the walls of your house where people can easily see them and lounge into an Arab home. There are some people who even go the extent of completely covering their walls with such huge paintings. Well, you can decide on the extent to which you want to go to with the paintings.

Arabian Paintings

Cisterns –

Though cisterns were originally used to collect water during the times of rains, medieval cisterns now play the role of interior and exterior décor items. A pair of large cisterns right in front your doorsteps is the best way to announce that you are an Arabian interior décor fan. You can put up small cisterns anywhere else in your house just to display how Arabian you are in tastes and preferences. Keep one of these near your sofa sets, televisions, tables, or chairs. It will increase the Arab atmosphere.


Pots –

Arabian pots of various sizes and shapes can really turn your home into an Arabian durbar. You just need to collect a few of these from your nearest antique shop and place them at different corners of your home. You can keep them on the floor or in the shelves or find some specific space to group them together in one of your rooms. When you are purchasing some of these pots you have plenty of variety to choose from. You can find plane ones as well as painted ones. You can get different shades and designs with the paintings. You can choose the colors and designs that you like best and present your Arabianized home to your friends and other visitors.

Arabian pots

Chandeliers –

Chandeliers that have an Arabian touch to them can be very useful in giving that Arabian aura to your home quickly. In fact, if you have a large Arabian chandelier hanging in your hall or living room, then you need not have any other of these things that are mentioned. However, chandeliers also come in different sizes and shapes. So you can give a lot of room to your fancies. Expense can also be a decisive factor in your choice of chandeliers because with size the price also might go up.


Arched Mirrors –

Since two of the most striking architectural features of traditional Arab buildings are the arch and the dome, these shapes can be used to provide your home that tinge of Arabianism. Instead of constructing your hallways in the arch shape, you can simply hang an arched mirror by the wash basin or put it on top of a table. Depending on the antique shop from which you buy them, there will be some exquisite design work around the edges of the mirrors that add to their overall beauty.

Arched mirrors

Sofa Sets –

Traditional Arabian sofa sets can also give you a giant leap into making your home Arabian. These sofa sets can be placed right in your living room to display your passion for medieval times. Along with these sofa sets you can add the small tea tables that truly gel with them. You can have some really mystic conversations with your friends, family, or occasional visitors seated in these sofas.

Sofa sets

Hookahs –

If you really want to delve deep into Arabian traditions, you cannot do without the hookah. There is no harm in using the hookah directly if you are a smoker. Otherwise, it is advised that you just let it remain passively in your shelf or corners of your rooms. A sight of a hookah will definitely bring Arabianism right into your home.


The list can go on but it is a matter of personal choice whether you are interested in these items or whether you already have some other things in mind. Well, one or a few of the things mentioned here can surely turn on the Arabian waves in your home. So check out the antique store or some old acquaintance’s house and grab your favorite piece of Arabian decor today itself.