9 Repurposing Ideas For Curtains

We use many types of home textiles like tablecloths, bed sheets and curtains for decorating the house. It helps in covering the tables and beds and making them look beautiful. Curtains are an important item found in every home. We use them on windows and doors. It helps in blocking sunlight from the windows and keeping the home safe from dust and cold air. If you have old curtains lying waste at your home, you can reuse them in different ways in a new style. Recycling the curtains helps in reducing waste of the fabric. Know the different ways to repurpose old curtains in creative ways. We will give some tips for this. Use our ideas and tips to reuse old curtains in a better way to decorate the home and interiors.

Following Are The 9 Repurposing Ideas For Curtains:

1. Use As Upholstered Seat Cover

Change the cover of an upholstered seat on a chair by using curtains. Make a new seat cover from a thick and heavy curtain. Disassemble the seat of the chair and remove it by using the appropriate tools. Attach the new seat cover on the chair.

Use As Upholstered Seat Cover


2. Make Bags With Curtains

We all need bags to buy things from the market. Carrying a fabric bag is better than using plastic bags. You can make your own reusable bags by using curtains. Take some curtain fabric and use your sewing skills to make bags. Use the bags on shopping trips to the market.

Make Bags With Curtains


3. Make Cushion Cover From Curtains

Make inexpensive cushion covers by using old curtains lying around the house. Cut curtains into square shape to the size of the cushion you have. Fold and sew the fabric to make cushion covers. Decorate the cushions with curtain covers.

Make Cushion Cover From Curtains


4. Make Artwork With Curtains

Attractive artwork can be made out of old curtains. For this, you will need some curtains having beautiful patterns and prints on it. Cut out the curtain fabric and paste on a canvas board with the help of glue. Frame the canvas and hang on the wall. This is an inexpensive way of making artwork.

Make Artwork With Curtains



5. Use Curtains As Closet Doors

Use old unused curtains as doors for the closet. This is a good option for closets that don’t have doors on it. Fix tension rod above the closet door. Insert rings in the old curtain and hang on the rod of the closet door to make an inexpensive storage for clothes.

Use Curtains As Closet Doors


6. Make Sink Skirt With Curtains

Use sink skirts make with old curtains to hide the area below a sink in your kitchen. Cut the curtain and sew its hem to make a sink skirt. Fix the skirt below the sink. It will help in hiding unattractive areas like plumbing pipes in a sink.

Make Sink Skirt With Curtains


7. Make Tablecloth With Curtains

Make an attractive table display by using old curtains as tablecloths. Cut the curtains into a square or rectangle shape and sew its seams. Use it as a tablecloth on tables. Place a vase with flowers on the table to decorate the table.

Make Tablecloth With Curtains


8. Make Draft Dodger With Curtains

Draft dodger made with curtains helps in protecting the home from wind and air when the weather is cold outside. Take some curtain fabric and make a draft dodger with it. For making this, you will need to use curtains with thick and heavy fabric. Use the draft dodger in winters.

Make Draft Dodger With Curtains


9. Make Throw Pillows With Curtains

You can also make throw pillows by using old curtains. Cut the curtains into square or rectangle shape. Leave few inches border open for filling stuffing inside. Fill pillow stuffing inside the fabric. Close the opening and use as a throw pillow.

Make Throw Pillows With Curtains