9 Nautical Inspired Room Ideas For Kids


The latest décor ideas that kids are falling in love with is the amaranthine navy. It kedges a room like none other color can. Navy colors can turn the room into an escape into the seaside. The accessories in the entire room will get the feeling of the seaside. It will be a serene dwelling atmosphere created inside the house where the kids can enjoy peace and quiet. The cool and calm colors will give a tranquil feeling that the kids would love to have. You may combine the colors with white, yellow, gold, blue or red. You just leave it with blue and white.

1. Bedroom:

Boys will love a witty and lively setting where their creativity can wander. You may use the navy colored furnishing to create an atmosphere for a captain’s room. You may add a bunk bed if you need. You may keep a lamp that looks like a light house. You may design it yourself. You may lay the table with a treasure map top. You can add ship models and accessories to the room décor.


2. Kids Room:

There are numerous ideas that can bring in a nautical air to the children’s room. Rope, wooden oar, fishing net, boat cleats etc can be used to decorate the room to give the sea side effect to the room. You can have a book shelf that resembles a boat. It can have the shape of a boat.

 Kids Room

3. Coastal Beding Sets:

Grasp the beach side lifestyle that includes beddings with calm and nonchalant colors of pristine white, green, and weathered blue. Beach comforters, nautical quilts, pillows and shams add to the feel.

Coastal Beding Sets

4. Coastal Decorative Pillows And Accent Pillows:

Revel the beach style with fine decorative pillows in the color of the sea. Beach pillows with decorative touches like embroidery, appliqué pleats, rice stitching, fringes, tufting, quilting and cording with the designs of sea creatures and shells will give a whiff of the seaside. Blue, yellow, sea green gold and yellow are the suitable colors to be used.


5. Coastal Bathroom Décor:

You can use sea foam green to set a calming coastal feel. Set a nautical theme in your coastal bathroom with seaworthy hues of red, gold, blue and white. You may give the master bathroom in palm green, bright coral, red, blue or cool lime. You may have beach inspired bath accessories, shower curtains, island inspired hooks for the shower curtains, nautical rugs for the bath, towels and also beach lights. You may have beach inspired bath sets with glasses, toothbrush holders, tissue boxes soap trays and even waste baskets.


6. Beach Lighting:

Enumerate a balmy gleam to your nautical cottage with littoral motivated lighting in the most recent styles that will give the child’s room seaside charm with chandeliers, wall lights, vanity lights. You may choose from latest, transitional, traditional and erratic coastal lighting with finishes that include antique silver leaf, bamboo, almond white, burnished bronze, translucent glass and white wash. Feel the free beach atmosphere with the nautical inspired lighting.

Beach Lighting

7. Coastal Kitchen Dinnerware:

Nautical inspired kitchen includes kitchen dinnerware that comprises bowls, boards, stands, salt and pepper containers, napkins and holders, napkin rings, vinegar sets and butter dishes. Coastal table cloths incorporate table mats, runners and all should be in coral, green , blue, white, ocean turquoise, sand, or fish prints.


8. Beach Wall Décor:

Wall hangings inclusive of vintage, nostalgic and rustic classic designs are used that are unmatched in style and craftsmanship. Beach wall décor includes ship anchor, fish, light house, sea life themes etc in sea green coral blue, turquoise and white. It will add maritime style to your guest room, living room or even the loft.

Beach Wall Décor

9. Beach Style Furniture:

The beach furniture will add a beach style family room or a guest room in your house. The nautical furniture will add liveliness to your kids room, home office, or bath. End tables, coffee tables, footstools, benches, side tables with exclusive styling and characteristic craftsmanship. The nautical furniture in inclusive of cushioned footstools and cushioned benches that are designed in sea colors of buoy blue, sail white, blue and regatta red that will tot sea side style to your rooms.

Beach Style Furniture

You can decorate family rooms also in the same manner. Decorate it with blue and white furniture with cushions and settings with stripes that give a feeling of a seaside vacation. A navy blue sofa set with a significant deck style chair will add to the feel. You may add cushions and pillows that are designed like a starfish or an octopus or have prints of shells etc that add a beach feeling.