9 Feng Shui To Invite Love, Prosperity And Happiness Into Your Home


Feng Shui At Home

The basic principle of Feng Shui is to harness the positive Chi energy that surrounds us and use the same to improve our lives for the better. In addition to this, Feng Shui helps get rid of the negative energy that seems to pull us down. So if you are all for harnessing the potential benefits of these Feng Shui principles for your home.

Here Are Some Tips That Would Help You Achieve This With Minimum Hassles:

Feng Shui At The Entrance

The entrance to your home is a strong filter that would either elevate your mood or kill it depending on what you see there. So consider placing something pleasant at the entrance to keep away negative energy from this area. A small water fountain or even a nice painting would do the trick.

Feng Shui at the Entrance

Feng Shui And Wind Chimes

Wind chimes are considered harbringers of peace and prosperity according to Feng Shui. These wind chimes would also channel positive energy into your home. So consider hanging a wind chime outside the front door of your home to invite more opportunities inside.

Feng Shui and Wind Chimes

Feng Shui And Outdoor Space

The space outside your home should also be able to collect and channel positive energy into your home. So keep things on this area of the house as neat as possible. Wipe the door and windows regularly. Replace burned out lights immediately and install bright lights to make your home look more inviting. Sweep the front porch every day to maintain a pleasing space and allow positive energy to enter your home willingly.

Feng Shui and Outdoor Space

Feng Shui And Pleasing Accessories

Feng Shui promotes the use of certain accessories to help invite positive energy into your home. For instance, you can sound a Tibetan bell in your home once a week or so to prevent the positive energy from flowing outside. A three legged toad which is considered as a mystical symbol in Feng Shui can be placed facing the main door to attract prosperity and wealth, and would have a significant impact on your earnings and savings.

Feng Shui and Pleasing Accessories

Feng Shui And Natural Air/Light

Feng Shui principles indicate that your home should allow plenty of natural air and light inside in order to harness the positive Chi energy.  So make it a point to keep the indoor space bright and airy.  Opting for air-purifying plants, air purifiers and even full spectrum lights in order to achieve the same effect is also a wise option in case you don’t have an option to open the doors or windows.

Feng Shui and Natural Air Light

Feng Shui And Clutter Free Zones

According to Feng Shui, a lot of clutter in the home can trap negative energy inside it while not allowing positive energy to enter it. As such, it is imperative that you keep your home as clutter free as possible. Keep things organized and tucked away. Take out the trash regularly to avoid it building up inside the home. Either repair or throw away broken/damaged instruments and electronic items as they would spread negative energy throughout the house. A clutter free area would definitely look cleaner, brighter and more inviting.

Feng Shui and Clutter Free Zones

Feng Shui And Placement

Where you place the different elements in the house can have a profound impact on your health and prosperity. Feng Shui principles indicate that you would need to place your bed away from a mirror so that you don’t see your reflection while sleeping. Place work desks in such a way that they are facing the door in order to increase productivity. In the kitchen, place the stove in line with the sink and not directly opposite it. Make sure the sofa in the living room faces the main door. Hang a mirror on the wall right opposite the main door in order to absorb any negative energy that might enter the door this way.

Feng Shui and Placement

Feng Shui And Flooring

It is imperative that you fix broken flooring immediately in order to affect its negative energy from spreading throughout your home and affecting you relationship with your loved ones. If repairing the floor is out of your budget at the moment, opt to cover the broken area with a rug or carpet.

Feng Shui and Flooring

Feng Shui And Birth Elements

Feng Shui dictates that surrounding yourself with items that resemble your birth element can have a highly positive impact on your life. An individual whose birth element is water for example, would need to decorate his house with elements that nourish the energy your birth element provides. This would include opting for colors like blue for the walls and maybe placing a fountain near the entrance to symbolize the water element.

Feng Shui and Birth Elements