8 Ways To Improve Your Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen Curtains

Kitchen curtains are the first matter of impression for guests as well as inhabitants of a house. If you think that your kitchen curtains are not up to the mark, just look at these easy and applicable tips to improve your kitchen curtains in no time. There are many things that you can do to make your kitchen curtains come to life.

Here Are 8 Ways To Improve Your Kitchen Curtains:

Position –

The first thing to take care of while putting kitchen curtains is the position of the curtains. You should choose the positions based on the use as well as aesthetics. The use of curtains can vary from hiding interiors to showing off glamour. Placing curtains near to stoves would, of course, be a bad idea. The position of the curtains should never hinder the smooth flow of air through the kitchen hall. This is extremely important because otherwise the smoke or the other cooking odors might create the air to become too obnoxious for the inhabitants. The curtains should also be not quite close to the sinks or the wash areas as they might get might get dirty easily. The curtains can also be used to hide what is going on in the kitchen. Window curtains and slide curtains are especially useful in this line.


Color –

The color of the kitchen curtains should not be too glaring to the eyes. At the same time, if the color is too light, you will have to keep washing or changing them time and again. The best colors for kitchen curtains would therefore be those dull and soft ones which do show off too much. Such curtains can make the kitchen look trim and well set for a long time. Brownish shades or green ones can always suit kitchens more than those bright and pink ones that some people use.


Size –

Short and simple sizes are better than long ones for kitchen curtains. The short ones can cut short your expenses and also provide more moving space in the kitchen. This is really important in the case of window curtains. In the case of drapes, though, the size of the room or hall would decide the size of the curtain. Whatever it be, it is best is to keep the size of kitchen curtains small. This is also a requirement to keep the curtains remain in good condition for a long time.


Material –

The right material will always provide your kitchen curtains the looks and the usefulness that you require. Whether you use wooden drapes, cloth, or fiber, if the material is chosen properly with its use in mind, then you will be satisfied with the results. For example, if you use cloth curtains right in front of your wash basin, then the curtain will get damaged fast. In this instance, wooden drapes are more suitable. Likewise, applying your commonsense a bit in these matters can greatly help in achieving the best results. In case you have any doubts regarding the material to choose, the advises of your interior designer can come in handy. The best method to find out what materials to go for is to look at other people’s kitchens. If you do so, you can clearly understand what to avoid and what to implement in your own kitchen.


Design –

The design of kitchen curtains can help in enhancing the overall appearance of your house. As mentioned earlier, short and simple curtains are always recommended. However, you can mold your curtains to your tastes and preferences or as per your designer’s recommendations. The design of the curtains should keep in mind the purpose of the curtains, in the first place. You should be clear about whether the curtain is needed just for the looks or to obstruct the view into the inside of the kitchen. Some people use curtains just for the beauty and some use them to shut off all eyes from the cooking space. The curtains can be designed in many ways, such as, straight, draped, curled, and roll-ups. You can choose the best one for your kitchen space with your designer’s help.


Shape –

Once you are clear about the position, design, size, etc. of your kitchen curtains, you should specifically check their shapes also. You can have curtains in straight squares and rectangles or you can have them as arches. You can also have them laced up in the middle for ease of passage to and out of the kitchen doors. You can have curls or flowery arrangements at the borders of the curtains. You can also simply let the curtains have a bland and straight flow down. The only thing that you must keep in mind is that the shape should not in any way mar the curtains’ uses or other requirements.


Number –

The number of curtains that you must have in your kitchen would mostly depend on the number of windows that you have in your kitchen. But then it is not necessary that you should have curtains for all of the windows. You can choose which ones should have curtains. Other than that, you can also have curtains to split the kitchen into separate sections. In this manner, you have all the decisions left for you and your designer regarding the number of curtains.


Expense –

The cost of the curtains is also another thing that you must consider when looking for some good curtains for your kitchen. The too inexpensive ones will usually not stand for long. It is always advised to go for the average priced ones. Along with the price, you should also compare the quality of the curtains that come at various prices. This will help you in identifying the right ones for your kitchen at the best prices.

A good consideration of all these aspects is always mandatory to make the best choices while on the look out for great kitchen interiors. Implementing smooth and simple kitchen curtains can enhance the ambiance of your house in general. This can make all your guests and the inhabitants feel at home in the kitchen or nearby areas of your house.