8 Ways To Decorate The House With Baroque Style

Ways To Decorate The House With Baroque Style

Baroque décor is the Italian style of decoration used between seventeenth and eighteenth century. This time was commonly known as Baroque period thus the decoration is similarly named like this. This style of decoration is ornate and intricate. It was used for improving the looks of houses and churches. Walls were painted with plant motifs. Bold colors are used instead of pastel shades. The architectural details are very complex. Gilt frames and veneer Marquetry are other features of the Baroque décor. You too can decorate your house with Baroque style and designs. We will give some tips for this. Use our tips and décor suggestions to improve the interiors of the house with the Italian Baroque designs.

Following Are The 8 Ways To Decorate The House With Baroque Style:

1. Use Eat-In Kitchen

Instead of making a separate dining room, make an eat-in kitchen where you can eat food in the kitchen itself. Paint the cabinets in a green color. Use marble countertops. Use decorative supports in the upper cabinets of the kitchen. Use recessed-panel cabinets. Choose stone slab material for the kitchen backsplash.


2. Use Black And White Colors In The Bedroom

Use black and white colors for decorating the bedroom in a Baroque style. Use these colors on the walls and bedding material. You can paint the wall in a black color. Use black upholstery on chairs and furniture used in the bedroom. Also, use a black headboard with plain white bed sheets and pillow covers. You can also use the black color along with other light colors like pink and gray.


3. Use Luxurious Linens And Rich Finishing

Use luxurious linens for the fabric used in the house like bedding, cushioncovers, pillow covers, curtains, tablecloths and other fabrics and textiles. For this, choose fabric like silk and velvet. For a glamorous look, use brocade fabric for decorating the house. Use rich finishing in the house. For this, you can use tapestries. Decorate your walls with stucco. You can also use it on the ceiling.


4. Use Gold Color In The Living Room

Use gold color theme for decorating the living room with a Baroque style decor. For this, use all the furniture and furnishings in a gold color. Paint the sofas, tables, chairs, cabinets and other furniture in gold color. Use contrasting upholstery on sofa and chairs in a cream or white color.


5. Use Gold Color In The Bathroom

Besides the living room, you can also use the gold color for decorating the bathroom. For this, paint the bathroom furniture like cabinets and tables in a gold color. It will add glamor, shine and sparkle to the room. Use shiny, ornate and carved showpieces. Hang a gold artwork on the wall of the bathroom.


6. Use Luxurious Furniture With Ornate Detailing And Carvings

Use luxurious furniture in the bedroom for a Baroque style decor. Use woodwork with ornate detailing. Use carved decorations on the dresser, nightstand, bed and headboard. Place upholstered chairs in the room for sitting. Use scrolled legs on the furniture. Choose furniture made of wrought Iron.


7. Use Baroque Paintings And Sculptures

Give your house a Baroque style look by using pictures and paintings on ceilings and walls. For this, choose baroque style paintings. Hang the painting on the walls of the house. Besides paintings, you can also use sculptures and statues. Decorate the house with sculptures of people like kids, women and musicians. Use graceful statues in different areas of the house.


8. Use A Crystal Chandelier In The Living Room

Create a royal look in the living room by using fabric with beautiful and pretty designs and prints. Use sofa fabric and cushion covers in a color that goes well with the surroundings of the room like wooden linings. Hang a crystal chandelier in the center of the room above the center table.