8 Uncommon Uses Of Shaving Cream For Households

Shaving Cream For Households

Shaving cream is a common lifestyle product, easily found in households. To add it your surprise, this cream is a wonder cream which can help you in various household tasks apart from just shaving.  Read below 8 uncommon uses of shaving cream for households.

1. Repair Squeaky Hinges:

Squeaky hinges is a common phenomenon caused due to high friction and wear and tear. You can get rid of the irritating and annoying squeaky sound of the door hinge with the help of shaving cream. Simply spray some cream on the hinge and wipe down cleanly. The door will stop squeaking.

Repair Squeaky Hinges

2. Remove Fog From Mirrors:

You would have frequently observed that mirror in the bathroom becomes foggy after you shower. This happens mainly due to the humid conditions produced inside the bathroom. To overcome this problem, apply shaving cream on the mirror before your shower and clean with a dry cloth. The mirror will remain fog-free for at least 5-7 days. Similarly, you can also keep eyeglasses and windshields away from fogging up.

 Remove Fog From Mirrors

3. Remove Stains From Walls And Carpets:

If you have little kids around, surely you would have been tired of creepy crayon stains on wall and food stains on carpets. Don’t worry, resort to shaving cream for rescue.  Spray a little shaving cream on the stain and dab/ blot it with a clean, damp rag. Allow it to dry overnight, then vacuum the spot and the stain will be gone. If required, repeat the process for two or three times for stubborn stains.

Remove Stains From Walls And Carpets

4. Clean Bathrooms And Kitchens:

With all kind of dirt and fog deposited, cleaning bathroom and kitchen appliances is often a tedious task. Shaving creams come out really useful and effective in cleaning these. Simply splash some shaving cream on bathroom doors, door handles, bathroom fixtures, stainless steel faucets, kitchen sink, vinyl tiles, and allow it to sit for 10-15 minutes. Then wipe off neatly with a clean, dry cloth to find the shine of your bathroom and kitchen back.

Clean Bathrooms And Kitchens

5. Clean Oven:

Cleaning greasy ovens and microwaves with damp cloth is never completely effective. To completely remove dirty, oily stains and spots from these kitchen appliances, spread little shaving cream and scrub with a scouring pad. After some time, wipe it off with a damp cloth to find your oven clean again.

Clean Oven

6. Clean Jewellery:

Shaving cream easily removes dirt and dust from all the corners of the jewelry. Simply spray some shaving cream and scrub the jewelry with a toothbrush. In addition to cleaning, shaving cream also prevents formation of tarnishes.

Clean Jewellery

7. Remove Nail Polish From Skin:

Girls applying nail polish at home often end up applying nail polish all over fingers also. Cleaning this nail polish from skin is difficult and it screws up neatly done nails.  In such cases, after the nails dry completely, apply shaving cream on hands. Scrub properly and then rinse with water. The nail polish from the skin would have gone off and hands would be clean again.

Remove Nail Polish From Skin

8. Relief From Sunburn:

You will find it funny and surprising but shaving creams can bring you immediate relief from minor sunburns and blisters. So, if you do not have any sunburn cream handy, splash some shaving cream on the affected area and allow it to rest. When you wash it with cold water, you will find soothing relief from inflammation.

Relief From Sunburn

Try these simple life hacks of shaving cream. Share in the below comments if you have used shaving cream for household purposes other than the ones mentioned above.