8 Super Cool Storage Ideas For Your Dining Room

8 Super Cool Storage Ideas For Your Dining Room

Dining room storage is quite important, as it keeps the place clutter-free and tidy. It also makes additional space to store excess kitchen equipment. There are a lot of storage options such as China cabinets, buffets, sideboards, shelves, etc to keep things well organized when you have a large space, but what about small or limited space? Difficult right! To help you out organize things better in small dining area or limited space, five super cool storage ideas are given below. Have A Look If You Are Looking For Improved Storage Ideas.

Storage Ideas For Dining Room:

1. Shelves:

Though cabinets look lovely and elegant in dining rooms, the space they occupy is huge, which makes these storage solutions suitable only for large rooms. So to make use of your small dining area effectively, go for floating shelves. Wooden floating shelves affixed to wall make excellent storage solution for your dining room. In addition, they look modern and stylish and can be customized to suit your need as well.


If you have a next to wall or a wall attached seating in your dining room, they make use of the wall above your seating to create a storage space. Even the space below your seating can be used for storage. Seats with drawers are easy to use and a more functional storage for small rooms.



2. Vintage Sideboard:

To bring the old world charm to your dining room, just the addition of a beautiful, mid-century sideboard would be enough. The wallpapered drawers will not only make a fantastic traditional storage idea, but also an excellent décor.

Vintage Sideboard

3. Open Cabinet:

Open cabinets, many would not opt for this but in reality, open shelving with baskets and trays are a great storage idea to hide mess and keep things sorted in your dining room. Use woven baskets and wire trays of different sizes and shapes to store dishes and other items in your open cabinet for a stylish and easy to access storage.

Open Cabinet


4. Hidden Storage:

If you do not want others to see the storage cabinet in your dining room, you can go for these hidden cabinets. Create a hidden cabinet in the wall between the kitchen and the dining area. It will be a smart, functional and beautiful storage idea for both large and small dining rooms.

Hidden Storage

5. Retro Sideboard:

If you want to give a relaxed vintage appeal then go for a retro-style sideboard. Go for a wooden designed sideboard with tapered legs. You can make a unique style statement with pictorial wallpaper. Mismatched dining chairs and quirky accessories will complete the whole look.

Retro Sideboard

6. Wall Display:

It is not necessary for the storage to be big in order to be effective. Choose one of the dining room walls to fix the printer’s tray that can be used to place the little knick-knacks available at home. You can display all those memorable mementoes that you have collected over the years or some gifts received by you. Always keep the wall behind the display neutral, so that it stands out. Place the dining table opposite the wall display, so that you can admire it as you relish your food.

Wall Display

7. Under-staircase Storage:

If space is a constraint in your home then consider using the staircase storage as a striking backdrop to the dining table. A rustic wooden table with contemporary dining chairs will give a unique look to the whole set up.

Under-staircase Storage