8 Plastic Bottle Reuse Ideas


Plastic Bottle Reuse

Have you ever thought about what can be done with all those plastic bottles that we put into the dustbin every day? Of course, we all know that those bottles go down to places where they are recycled. But what if we could put these same bottles that we throw away to some good use and thus make our homes or offices prettier? Well, there are plenty of things that can be created with the plastic bottles that otherwise would go to waste. A list of some of those materials that can be made with plastic bottles is given below.

Here Are 8 Plastic Bottle Reuse Ideas:

Planters –

Making planters out of plastic bottles is one of the easiest things that you can do as far as reusing these bottles is concerned. Plastic bottles can be used to make planters for indoor as well as outdoor use. To make planters, you have to cut off around one fourth of the upper part of the bottle including the neck. This will give you an evenly shaped cylindrical planter into which you can put some soil or fertilizer, or just pour some water, and then place your plant of choice. These planters can be placed on the ground or shelves. You can also hang them with the help of strings. The hanging planters can be really attractive if you have some decorative flowers in them.


Pencil Holders –

When you are in need of pencil holders don’t just go off to the stationery shop and buy them. What you should do first is pick out any of those plastic bottles that you have thrown away, cut off some part of the top, paste washi tapes or something of that sort around the rim, and apply some spray paint on your creation to get your own plastic pencil holder. You can add color to the pencil holder by making designs on it with paint or stick-on pictures. You can also make multiple holders by fixing two or more holders together so that you can put in them other handy useful objects like pins, pens, staplers, rulers, or pencil sharpeners.

Pencil Holders

Light Shades –

Light shades of different kinds can be made with plastic bottles. One of those kinds is made by cutting away some part of the bottom of the bottles and fixing the neck onto light sockets. This will work perfectly if the bottles are already colored. The color of the bottles will make the lights very attractive. If the bottles are not colored, you can use spray paint on them. Using different colors for the bottle shades will add to the beauty of the lights. Another type of light shade can be made by simply using the bottles as they are. Once the bottles are empty, you must squeeze them up in any way you want. The necks of the bottles can be fixed onto light sockets just as with the other type of light shades. These light shades can be perfect to create a wonderful ambience in your rooms. You can also add color to these shades by using paint.

Light Shades

Flowers –

The top and bottom parts of plastic bottles are perfect to make plastic flowers. In fact, the bottom parts of those cola bottles that we often throw out are already shaped like flowers. The only catch is that you have to cut them out nicely. These natural plastic flowers can be used for all sorts of interior décor like curtains, decorative hangings and shelf décor. You can let these flowers retain their original coloration or paint them with the colors that you prefer. If you are using the top part of the plastic bottles to make flowers, you will have make petals by slicing them thin up to the neck. Then you will have to spread wide open the petals thus made. You can use these flowers with or without colors and in the same manners that the cola bottle flowers are used.


Funnels –

Shake off the caps and cut out the top parts of plastic bottles. This is how you can make funnels from plastic bottles. When you use plastic bottles to make funnels in this way, you must take care to use bottles with somewhat long and slender necks. The colors of funnels don’t matter much, but still, if you want them to look attractive, you can paint them with the colors that you like.


Canisters –

You can reuse plastic bottles as canisters. To make a canister, you require two bottles. One of them can be used as the main body and the other as the cap. The main body of the canister can be made by slicing away the top portion of one of the bottles so that you get around three fourth of the bottle with an open mouth. The bottom part of the other bottle can be cut out to form the cap of the canister. You can use such canisters to store grains, cereals, etc.


Bird Feeders –

You can make beautiful bird feeders with plastic bottles by simply punching holes in them. You will also have to pierce in one or two wooden spoons or sticks through the bottles to provide something for the birds to perch on while they feed. You can fill such bird feeders with grains and place them or hang them in your gardens or backyards where birds are sure to fly in.

Bird Feeders

Magazine Holders –

Magazine or newspaper holders can also be easily be made with plastic bottles. You can use bottles of the same color or different colors here. The first thing that you have to do is cut off the top part of the bottles. Then you will have to fix a board on the wall. Finally, you should nail the bottles onto the board. Your magazine holders are ready to be used. You can also use these same holders to keep newspapers and other publications or even mails. These holders can also be placed on the floor if you have the proper space in your room. Whether the holders are on the wall or on the floor, they will be very useful as your tables can be free from all those loose stuff lying around unattended.

Magazine Holders