8 Impressive Way To Emboss Your Staircase

Impressive Way To Emboss Your Staircase

In every house staircase mostly used for climbing up and down, exterior stair are embossed with the polished tiles and beautiful plants or gardens. Interior staircases specially with big area can be decorated sufficiently with numerable items  that embellish the interior space of the staircase which gives a pleasant sensation to the people moving on or around the staircase along within the rooms. Staircases may be in center of the house or at the corner of the house at a perspective or may be hidden partly or totally  by the partition wall for privacy, whatever may be the reason the interior staircase is the vital part of every house and if decorated effectively implies a grandeur.

Staircases Are Of Many Types Which Can Be Decorated In Various Ways, Few Simple Form Of Decorative Ideas Are Discussed:

1. Railings:

Railings are used for safety in staircases made of various materials such as iron railings , aluminium railings, wooden railing and glass railings .Iron and steel  railings are found or made of numerous innovative designs . Aluminium balustrades itself is shiny and give a stunning appearance to the staircase. Glass railing  is one of the latest  running in the market because of the stylish appearance with the architectural view.

Wooden railings  are ancient form which is also expensive and durable mostly found in old brick constructed houses not found much in use but  polished wooden balustrades gives an extra delicacy to the entire interior of the house. Metallic wire meshes can be attached to the soffit of the stair above from the railing head or different designed material can be installed to improvise the railing.


2. Stair Flooring:

Stair flooring can be of concrete plain cement, vitrified tiles, granite tiles, marble flooring and wooden flooring. The wooden flooring and balustrade appears  to approve  a  grandeur  over ostentation.  New laminating  floors  are available in modern flooring  which gives a real getup of wood, tiles installation of  hardwood stairs  gives a splendid wooden textured stairs , vinyl sheets, vinyl tiles are available. Stair floors can be made more expressive and  graceful by the laying of laminated floors.  The vinyl sheets and tiles give a glossy appearance, peel and stick flooring are also available of various textures which can be changed whenever required.

Stair flooring

3. Roll Runners On The Stairs:

Covering the staircase with roller rugs of beautiful designs and colors beautifies the staircase and helps in keeping  the stairs clean. The roller rugs are made of  furs, wool, nylon, faux, cotton. The roll runners can be customized according to the length and width of the staircase. Traditional, oriental or modern forms which may be plain or beautifully printed are found to be covered according to the requirement  or suitable  to the interior  setup.

The  bright colored roll runners such as dark brown, red, maroon, ash or black  are preferable because roll runners cannot be washed regularly,  the dirt and dust are less visible in these colors and handling  for  wash everyday may not be easy as well as  bright colors exhibit a splendid outlook.

Roll runners on the stairs

4. Floor Lamps:

Floor lamps can be introduced to provide more light for visibility of  the staircase for safe movement  through the staircase. The floor lamps can be of different heights , shapes and color of light. Designs of the floor lamps are also of various type which,  LED lights are influencing in best modern designs with energy saving facility , few LED are place on the floor of the staircase with sensor so that it provides  light after stepping into next tread even in darkness in middle of the night.

These LED lights are also of various colors green, yellow or blue. Blue LED light gives a calm feeling whereas yellow LED light  give a warm feeling to the atmosphere, without sensor LED lights are available which lightens the whole area of staircase.

Floor lamps

5. Ceiling Lamps And Lights:

Do it yourself ceiling lamps are available, strip light, pendant light, oyster light  and spotlight are different types of lamps found, which provides  enough light and modish look to the area, the number of lights required depends upon the area of the staircase where as the intensity of the lights quality and glow.  The placement of the type of light  and number of light  depends on the type of staircase, if you have a stair well then chandeliers or pendants look excellent but without stair well spotlights, strip light  exhibits a stylish appearance.

Wine glass chandeliers and mason jar chandeliers  endures a bright and trendy appeal as do it yourself ceiling lights. The staircase light of variable  options  are very important  for an appropriate gesture of the area.

 Ceiling Lamps And Lights

6. Flower Vases:

Flower vases those are sleek and stylish can be placed on the landing, the landing  should be big enough, so that the vases  obstruct the movement  through the staircase. Tall vases with artificial flowers, shrubs expel a natural feeling, original use of  flowers and leaves  should be avoided because the water for the vase flowers fallen on the floor may not be safe, so faux flowers are appropriate, they require low maintenance and can be cleaned easily. The mid landing of  the  stair, vases placed at the  corner of the place  initiates a fulfilled  angle of decoration.  Metallic vases made of brass, aluminium and iron of sleek sizes gives an spacious extravagant  aerie.

Flower Vases

7. Photo Frames:

Family photos, artistic pictures or scenery pictures of various sizes can be placed in different formats. The photo frames can be of various designs  made of steel frame, wood frame or laminated photo frames placed on the wall of the staircase with a spotlight  improves the interior and photo frames become eye catchy.

Photo Frames

8. Flower Planters:

Flower planter bowls can be hung on the wall of the staircase, one  at every flight of either sides above man height  which are small and occupies no space and causes no obstruction during the movement. The planters can be placed on the treads, only when the steps have greater length, it requires minimum effort to improvise and beautify your room with an impressive verdict towards the interior design of staircase.

Flower planters