8 Herbal Plants For Your Garden To Keep Away Mosquitoes And Other Pests


8 Herbal Plants For Your Garden To Keep Away Mosquitoes And Other Pests

Mosquitoes are one of the most disease transmitting insect. Various diseases occur dengue, malaria, filariasis, encephalitis, yellow fever  and most recent deadly disease from this insect is Zika virus because of which many people lost their lives and many are still struggling for survival in Africa and other parts of the world, though various repellant are available in the markets, just to keep our houses free form the germs of mosquitoes few natural herbal plants can be planted which can make the garden green and as beautiful.  Chemical made repellant are not as healthy for human so a natural source of chasing the pests and insects may help in the resistance of various diseases apart from the disease causes by the mosquitoes being environment friendly.

Herbal Plants For Your Garden To Keep Away Mosquitoes And Other Pests:

1. Marigold:

Species Calendula officinalis  common name – Marigold are of various types French marigold, African marigold, Desert marigold  are beautiful, scented an d colorful flower or plant which brightens up your outdoor garden, grows easily in fertile soil and sunny area. The odor is attractive to us as well as it distracts the mosquitoes, which helps in keeping them away , they are edible bicolor flowers . The herbaceous plant  with several varieties or species of colorful marigold flowers of different sizes small or larger can be planted in the garden to bloom and make the area a mosquito free zone as well making it attractive garden.


2. Basil Mint:

Species Ocimum americanum , common name  Hoary or Wild basil found in Asia  and  Africa. Many types of basil are available such as thai basil, wild sweet basil, lime basil, has an attractive and beautiful smell as well as edible herbaceous  plant , preferable to grow in  sunny area, small paired leaves with a stem bush like which is promiscuous that is cross pollinates easily , different colored leaves are found in basil, but wild basil leaves are green in color with the smell of lemon grown in the garden  as well in the verandah or balcony which can resist the mosquitoes.

 Basil Mint

3. Citronella Grass:

Cintronella grass is one of the attractive and useful grasses grown in the garden, it is the smell of the grass that keeps the mosquitoes away, the oil produced known as cintronella oil is highly useful as mosquito repellant, mostly found in Asia, grown as ornamental grass in various countries such as Florida. It grows in direct sunlight, the aroma of the grass is much effective in repelling of the mosquitoes and apart from that the garden also acquires to look more lovely  shrubs with greenery inside the garden.  The plants can be grown on a fertile soil or a drought area as it can easily grow in less water.

 Citronella Grass

4. Eucalyptus:

Commonly known as Gum tree , which are of various species  most probably of about 700 and are good as pest controller naturally because of the lemon like smell from the plant and oil is also made of eucalyptus for the resistance of the insects grown under temperate zone. with a leafy growth with variable sizes of growth depending on the species of the eucalyptus. It gives the garden a natural beauty with different colors of flowers and at the same time the house in mosquito free.


5. Stone Root:

Stone root is similar to mint which is a medicinal herb plant and is a mosquito repellant plant when present in the garden. It has green leaves and produces numerous  small yellow flowers, it is about four to five feet in height. The plant has a very noticeable odor, somewhat pungent smell with the appearance of flowers in summer, it grows in damp and shady places so it can be a indoor plant also if you want a natural mosquito repellant inside your room or house. The roots are hard and used in medicinal purposes for treatment of many diseases

 Stone Root

6. Lemon Grass:

It is a herbal plant with an aroma of citrus and perennial grass found in different parts of Asia, Africa the aroma of the grass keeps the mosquitoes away from the house and keeps the garden green if planted or cultivated not only mosquitoes it keeps various other pests away, it grows about 6 ft in height and along with which various vegetables, plants can be grown threatening the pests away. Lemon grass are of various species such as cymbopogon nardus, cymbopogon winterianus ,  etc. It is extracted for medicinal purposes also that works as aromatherapy and various other medicine preparation. It is also an edible product used in various tasty dishes.

Lemon Grass

7. Catnip:

Catnip plants grow in spring and it is a small plant of 2 ft of heights, the plants fragrance not only keeps mosquitoes away but bugs, aphids away. It grows well in direct sunlight, the foliage is greenish brown in color with small flowers which are pink or white with a touch of purple color. It is also edible plant and used in making of herbal tea, juices. Few cats are affected by the plant term known as Nepetalactone where  the olfactory fatigue may develop, but not all cats are affected by the plants odor. Catnip plants  with the beautiful small flowers exhibits a showiness to the garden.


8. Rosemary:

Various types of species are found in rosemary plants, needle like green leaves grow in spring and summer with beautiful flowers of blue color and an attractive woody smell, it can be placed in the ground relatively with proper sunlight and drainage, can be also grown in terracotta pots or vases. The attractive smell to human chases the mosquitoes. It is a also a herbal plant used for ornamental plantings or decorative items generally of three feet height, works best in landscaping of the area or plot, it brings flavor in various stew, vegetables etc.


These above herbal plants drives the pest and insects away as well as are good edible items through which different savor of food is possible. The garden not only is enriched by beautiful and attractive flowers but also are pest controllers which helps in growing of other vegetables in the garden . Few plants are used for making of medicines for different types of diseases.