8 Health Healing And Tasty Herbs To Plant In Your Herb Garden

Herb Garden

If you have a garden at home, it will be useful to plant some herbs in it. Herbs are very useful for cooking food and they help in solving many types of health problems. Some herbs have medicinal properties that help in healing common health problems that affect us. Besides this, the herbs are very tasty so it can be added to food. The healing herbs are beneficial for fighting stress, cold and stomach problems. They are good for the body as well as the mind. Growing the herbs in your kitchen is an easy option and it is inexpensive too. We will tell you about some healing herb plants that also taste good.

Following Are The 8 Medicinal And Tasty Herbs To Plant In Your Herb Garden:

1. Licorice:

Licorice is a useful herb for healing the endocrine system. It helps in balancing the sugar levels in our body. The herb controls the over production of adrenaline. Licorice is also used for making herbal tea that is very delicious to drink. Thus, the herb has healing properties and it is useful for making tea also.



2. Chamomile:

Chamomile is useful for fighting stomach pain, sore throat, insomnia, stress, stomach pain, colic, infections, muscle tension and headaches. It has anti-inflammatory properties. Besides having health healing properties, the tea made with chamomile is very tasty and it is a very popular drink.


3. Hyssop:

Hyssop herb helps in fighting cough, and shivering due to cold. It removes the mucus from the lungs and makes it loose when consumed internally. The aromatic herb is a wonderful remedy for the respiratory system. Also, it is good for the digestive system. It has carminative properties and it helps in removing gas from the stomach.



4. Dandelion:

Dandelion oil and infusion is used for fighting muscle pain. Leaves and roots of dandelion herb are used for making health healing tinctures and salves. People like to drink dandelion tea for health benefits. Its oil has the property to fight liver, muscle and skin problems. Besides this, the herb is useful for cooking purposes. It is added to jellies, salads and summer dishes. The dry dandelion root powder is an alternative of coffee.


5. Lavender:

Lavender herb helps in fighting depression, sunburn, acne and tension. It relaxes the mind and body. The herb has calming properties when used in aromatherapy. Besides the health benefits, the chamomile herb is tasty when used in foods. It is used in salads, butter, tea, lemonade, and shortbread cookies.



6. Sage:

Sage is a culinary herb with medicinal properties. It has antiseptic properties and it helps in fighting bacterial and viral infections. The herb helps in healing cold, flu, cough and sore throat. Mix honey with sage and consume for fighting bacterial infection. Doing gargling sage tea after mixing salt in it helps in soothing sore throat. Add sage tincture to tea tree oil and apply on skin for fighting fungal disease of athlete’s foot.



7. Calendula:

Calendula herb is beneficial for baby skin care. It is used by parents as a diaper salve for babies. The flowers of this herb help in soothing the skin. Besides skin benefits, the herb is also used in the form of tea by people who like to drink herbal teas.


8. Thyme:

Thyme is a useful herb with antiseptic properties and it helps in fighting infections caused by microorganisms like bacteria. It helps in fighting sore throat when used as a gargle. You can also use thyme gargle for cough. Apart from its use in health, the herb can be used for adding taste and flavour to foods like meat, butter and tomato sauce.