8 Fabulous Ideas To Decorate Your Outdoor Fence

8 Fabulous Ideas To Decorate Your Outdoor Fence

Are you looking for some good ideas to decorate your plain yard fencing? Do not worry here we have listed a few cute and interesting ideas that will transform your fence into an interesting one that adds allure to the yard or garden space. These ideas are simple, easy to implement and less expensive, but the visual appeal they create are great. Check out to add some extra life to your yard this summer.

Ideas To Decorate The Fence:

1. Murals:

Adding a mural to your garden fencing will change the whole atmosphere and make the outdoor space beautiful, colorful and fun filled. Whether a simple graffiti or well painted scenery, it will hide any unsightliness, break monotony and add more interest to the garden space.


2. Bird Houses:

Bird houses are a garden accessory that not only add visual interest, but also bring a lot of fun and happiness by attracting birds. To make the garden fence attractive, paint bird houses of different shapes and sizes with vibrant colors and hang them down from the fence.

 Bird Houses

3. Frames:

Recycling is an interesting project especially when it comes to decorating your garden and house. Using vintage unused frames and old windows to decorate your empty boring garden fence is also one such interesting project. The addition of such frames creates rustic and classic effect. With a little effort, you can also transform the frames into unique vertical wall/fence planters.


4. Garden Tools:

If you have junk garden tools, then do not dispose of them, instead use them to decorate your garden fence and add a rustic effect to the garden. They can be of use at some point in your garden, so just hang them in a neat manner on your fence. Simply spray a little silver paint on the rusty tools to add a little gleam and shine to the fence.

Garden Tools

5. Planters:

Planters are an old and popular fence decoration idea, but the charm they add to the garden and fence is something incomparable. When you say planters, there are enormous ideas from pot planters to old used boots to used handbags and a lot more.  A simple technique to add more charm and create unique, attractive planters is by painting them with bright and brilliant colors.


6. Metal Butterflies:

Fix colorful metal butterflies on the fence, which looks as though a flock of butterflies have invaded your garden. You can add single colored butterflies or multiple colored ones as per your taste.

Metal Butterflies

7. Fairy Lights:

Fairy lights are an amazing way to spruce up the boring fence. It is available in several sizes and shapes including snowflakes, plants and various shapes like elongated and round. These are also waterproof and weatherproof. Hence, a suitable alternative to garden lights. Besides interesting shapes like butterflies, flowers, circles etc, fairy light bulbs are also available in different color bulbs like pink, plain white etc.

 Fairy Lights

8. Mason Jars:

Mason jars are incredibly versatile décor item that gives a stylish look when stringed along the rusting wooden fence. Hang mason jars along the fence to hold candles, which gives a pretty and rustic appeal to the outdoors. This décor is truly exceptional when you have any outdoor celebration or a garden party at home. The glow provided by the illuminary mason jars add soft, romantic ambiance to your outdoor space.

Mason Jars