8 Exotic Succulent Plants For Your Home

Exotic Succulent Plants

Succulents are ideal for forgetful gardeners, as they are easy to care and brighten up any space. The juicy stems and leaves look stunning with endless color variation from burgundy, white, yellow, blue-green, red, pink, variegated and more. Just give them plenty of sun and well-drained soil and your succulents will be hale and healthy.

Here Are 8 Exotic Succulent Plants For Your Home:

Burro’s Tail

This small succulent plant can be easily grown in a hanging basket. The leaves grow up to 3-feet and needs medium to high sunlight. Hang them at the entrance and it gives a pleasant and grand welcome to your guests.

Burro’s Tail

Christmas Cactus

This gorgeous indoor succulent plant gives brightness to the interior of your home with its glowing red blossoms. It is easy to care and propagates well, so it is also an excellent holiday gift.

Christmas cactus

Panda Plant

Panda plant is one of the popular Kalanchoe plants and it has a unique appearance. The leaves are covered with silver hair, which gives a blue grey, fuzzy appearance. It grows well in a bright or medium light.

Panda Plant

Pincushion Cactus

This is a commonly grown cacti plant at home. The plant grows in the shape of a ball under bright sun. They also show flowering and have pinpointed spines all around the plant.

Pincushion Cactus

Crassula Ovate

Also known as, friendship tree, this succulent plant has stunning appearance with its tiny white and pink flowers. It can survive in an indoor atmosphere too.

Crassula Ovate

String Of Hearts

This hanging succulent plant is also sometimes referred to as rosary vine. The pendulous and long stems hang down giving it a beautiful look. The leaves are shaped like hearts. The upper surface is beautiful blue green and underneath looks purplish gray.

String of hearts

Ragwort Vine

This succulent hanging plant has trailing stems, which reach several feet in length. It has beautiful yellow blooms, which needs sunshine to open up.

Ragwort vine String Of Nickels

This trailing plant has interesting foliage. The leaves are round gray-green, which are flat and looks like little coins.

String of Nickels