8 Easy To Make Hanging Daybed 


Hanging Daybed 

We all long for those cosy nooks at home where we can retire for a peaceful siesta or a quiet evening tea with the family. Having a daybedin the backyard or the porch can be a great solution. Most people shy away from having a daybed for the hassle involved. But if you choose some smart minimal designs, you can have your own cosy daybed yourself. Some designs can be easy enough for a DIY.

Just Check Out These Daybed Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind Away!

1. Foldable Daybed:

If you less space at home and want a daybed that can be adjusted to make more space then this is the perfect option for you. One side of such a daybed is supported by the wall while the other is attached to the wall. It is a great option for utilizing a less used corner in of house. Use colours that match the palette of the surrounding walls and tapestry. This daybed can double up as an extra couch when you have guests over. Also it can serve as a spare bed at night. Also rustic charm added by it will enhance your home’s beauty.

Foldable Daybed

2. Colourful Hanging Daybed:

This can be a great option specially if you have kids at home. Kids love colours and hanging swing-like structures at home. Such a bed can be easily made by having a flatbed installed from the ceiling using strong cables/strings or metal chains. Once installed you can easily play around with colours and furnishing. You can use a cosy mattress along with several cushions in different colours to make it look cheerful and child-friendly. Also, remember to hang it low so the children can climb up easily.

Colourful Hanging Daybed

3. Backyard Hanging Daybed:

Are you the outdoorsy type? Do you often take your favourite outside for reading? Do you like your tea/coffee under a tree rather than in front of the screen? Then this one should excite you! You can easily install a simple flat bed with metal suspenders on four sides in your backyard. If you have a big strong tree there, you won’t have to worry about the support. Just hang it from a thick branch and you’re done. Keep the dressing in nature’s colours (greens, whites and browns) to complete the overall look.

Backyard Hanging Daybed

4. Lightly Wooded Daybed:

If you like to have bright colours around and do not want a very heavy structure around then you can invest in a daybed made a lighter type of wood and utilizing lesser wood by getting only the basic skeleton made. The natural light brown colour of the wood will add a charm of its own. Install in a porch or area where you get some sunlight. Dress this daybed in bright and cheerful colours and flaunt it with pride!

 Lightly Wooded Daybed

5. Utilised Daybed:

If you have a spare door in your garage which is not serving any purpose then you can get your get your tools out and do some DIY to make this really affordable daybed come outdoor couch. Use spare wooden frames to make this daybed. You wouldn’t even need to make any extra efforts for adding any cumbersome finishing touches. Just throw in some cosy old cushions and there you have your very own outdoor daybed.

Utilised Daybed

6. Mediterranean Style Daybed:

Are you still nostalgic about your vacation in the Mediterranean and can’t get over it? Just invest in basic wooden couch like daybed with armrests. Get them hung from the ceiling and finish off with very basic upholstery. Use Mediterranean inspired colours like white, sea green and sea blue. Such daybeds are ideal for a seaside villa and are best when installed in an open terrace or porch.

Mediterranean Style Daybed

7. Low Swing-like Basic Daybed:

If you’re one of those earthy by nature and like a minimalistic look, then this is a must-try. You can utilize a large piece of old wood and hang it from the ceiling using thick ropes instead of metal suspenders or cables. The ropes would give a more earthy and rustic look to this daybed. Finish off with plain white upholstery. This daybed is ideal for families with toddlers and small kids. Also, it can double up as a couch for your guest.

 Low Swing-like Basic Daybed

8. Hanging Round Daybed:

If like your daybed as a bed and don’t want any guests using it for couch then check out this one. This is the best daybed you can ever have. Hanging from a single point through cables, this daybed is circular and can be furnished in the cosiest manner. However installing one like this would require some extra work but all that hard-work would be worthwhile. You can attach a light corner table to this daybed and it’s a complete solution for your relaxation. You can finish it up with comfy light upholstery in basic white to keep it simple or use colours to add a zing.

Hanging Round Daybed