8 Easy To Make Fashionable Hair Bows By Your Own For Your Kids

Easy To Make Fashionable Hair Bows By Your Own For Your Kids

If we have been blessed with the baby girl, then she is just like an adorable doll of ours, we care for her, we buy so many clothes for her, we always want that our little princess should look like an angel. Bows always make kids look fashionable, but for the baby girl, there are hair bows, these hair bows are quite expensive, but there are many styles by which you can make hair bows.

Here Are Some Of The Designs And The Process To Make The Hair Bows:

1. Loop Hair Bow:

This is an adorable hair bow, you need to take the small flower, take the strips of the ribbon of different colors, apply the hot glue to the back side of the flower, take the ribbon, stick on end in the glue, now make the loop by the other end and stick it to the glue, do this for all ribbons, like that there will be loop formed by the bow, leave it for some time, you loop hair bow is ready.

 Loop Hair Bow

2. Hair Bow Of Yarn:

Baby girl is so small so we need to make the hair bow, as small as possible, yarn can be used to make the beautiful hair bows, you need to take the yarn of any colors, but should be thick enough, wrap the yarn on the first two fingers, not so tight, take it out, you will have the circle of the yarn, now press it from the middle and wrap the yarn on it, tie it, you yarn hair bow is ready.

 Hair Bow Of Yarn

3. Butterfly Ribbon Hair Bow:

Butterfly are loved by all, there are many butterfly dresses in the market, we can also make the bow look like a butterfly, for this we need to take the ribbon, cut it about 4 inches of 6 pieces, now make the design of the letter 8, take the hot glue and stick all the ends at the middle, cut the strip of ribbon of about the 3 inches in thickness, stick it to the base, now take the ribbon, roll it and fix it on the bow. Butterfly hair bow is ready.

 Butterfly Ribbon Hair Bow

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4. Felt Hair Bow:

Felt hair bow can also be a good option for your girl, you need to cut the strip of the felt, the length you can set, in the middle of the felt, add some of the hot glue, now roll both the ends and stick it in middle, now take small thin felt strip, tie the knot in the middle, press both the folded parts, to make it flat, cut the felt in 1 inch, cut it in the V shape and then stick it to the end of the felt. Felt hair bow is ready.

Felt Hair Bow

5. Insect Hair Bow:

Insect hair bow is easy to made, all you need to take the thick ribbon, fold it to make the circle of it, make two circles of it, now place it to one on one and stick to each other in the diagonal design. now take the small hair clip, apply the glue on the top of it, take a small plastic bug, stick it on the hair clip, now clip the bow, you button hair bow is ready.

Insect Hair Bow

6. Fabric Scrap Hair Bow:

We have many leftover things in our home and we can make many things by it. We all have the fabric scraps of different sizes and designs in our home, we can make the hair bow with it, just take the fabric scraps, cut it in the rectangle shape, cut a small strip also, sew the edges of the fabric scraps, now tie a knot with the straps in the middle, you can make as many hair bows as you want.

Fabric Scrap Hair Bow

7. Hair Band Hair Bow:

If your baby is so small then you can go with the hair band hair bow, for this you need to take the fine ribbon, cut the length of about the 5 inches, now cut the V shape to both the edges, now tie a loose knot in the middle of the ribbon, take the hair band, pass it from the knot and then tight the knot. Your hair band hair bow is ready.

Hair Band Hair Bow

8. Big Flower Hair Bow:

Flower add the beauty of our kids, you can also make the hair bow of the flower, you need to take the big soft artificial flower, take the wide hand band, now add the hot glue in the middle of the strip, place the flower on it, leave it for sometime, you little angle looks pretty after wearing flower hair bow.

Big Flower Hair Bow