8 Easy To Made Easter Egg Decorating Craft Ideas By Your Own

 Easter Egg Decorating Craft Ideas By Your Own

When festival comes we need to do many things, especially to decorate the home, even we need to make beautiful each and every part of our home, but we can make many small things to use them as a big. For The Easter decorations we can go with the eggs, we can draw many designs on it or we can also make many small crafts from it.

Here Is The List Of Some Of The Easter Egg Decorating Craft Ideas:

1. Glittering Eggs For Easter:

Glitters always take attention of others, they easily capture the eyes by their shining, it is so simple to make the glittering eggs for the Easter, for this you need to take the eggs, glue, glitters in different color, first clean the egg, add the glue to all the part of the egg, dust it with the glitters, you can combine two glittering colors and dust it, then shake it, leave it for sometime and decorate you home with these eggs.

Glittering Eggs For Easter

2. Glowing Easter Egg:

If something is glowing the dark, then this can be most amazing crafts of yours, people get surprised by your creativity, you can make your Easter eggs glowing when there is no light, all you need the vinegar solution, mix in the warm water, take the paints of the different colors and then paint the eggs according the design you want, now dip the egg in the vinegar mixture, make so many eggs, place them in the bowl and then switch off the light to surprise others.

Glowing Easter Egg

3. Baby Chicken Crafts:

We can make so many of the crafts by the eggs, especially for the Easter. You need to take the shell of the egg, which should be half horizontally, now take the small cotton ball of the yellow color, place this in the corner of the egg shell, now tour the pieces of the cotton and fill the remaining shells with it, now make the red mouth with the small cotton and add the two black eyes on it, place this egg craft.

Baby Chicken Crafts

4. Black And White Painted Eggs For Easter:

Black and white always give a rustic and elegant look to anything and Easter is so important, we should also use black and white pattern for decorating the eggs, take the black paint, make the egg completely black with it, allow it to dry, take the stencils of the small beautiful designs, now trace the designs on the eggs, you can also draw the designs on it, do this for many eggs and place this on the dining table.

Black And White Painted Eggs For Easter

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5. Decorate Eggs With Washi Tape:

Washi tapes are extensively used to decorate the things, they comes in the many designs from the glittering to the rough and rustic look, we can also draw the pattern of the washi tape on the eggs, you need to take the 5 to 6 eggs, cut the tapes in squares, stars, circle and other patter, then fix it to the shell of the eggs and make the eggs with the different designs.

Decorate Eggs With Washi Tape

6. Marble Golden Eggs:

Gold is loved by all, we loved many things which have the golden colors, there are many crafts made in the golden color. Golden color to the eggs with the marble touch can actually make them beautiful, you need to take the golden paint, apply it on the egg shell, make it dry, now take the pastel colors and make the design of the rock trace on it, take the bowl, place all the eggs in it and place this as a centerpiece to the dining table.

Marble Golden Eggs

7. Strawberry Egg For Easter:

Strawberry is loved by everyone, but we cannot use it for longer time, but we can give the design of the strawberry to the Easter eggs, for this you need to take the red color of the strawberry paint the egg with this color, now take the yellow pen and make the yellow dots on it, take the green paper, cut it like the cap of the strawberry, add the hot glue on it, place the paper and stick it, add this to the fruit basket.

Strawberry Egg For Easter

8. Egg Smileys For Easter:

Smile shows the happiness but we use the different types of the smileys to show the mood, we can trace all the smileys on the eggs, you need to take the eggs, paint it with the yellow color, make it dry, now take the black paint and draw the designs of the smileys on it, take the egg tray, place the eggs on it and then set it at the center of the dining table.

 Egg Smileys For Easter