8 Easy DIY Project Home Redo To Your Craft Closet

8 Easy DIY Project Home Redo To  Your Craft Closet

Keeping your closet organized and well kept is a challenge for many. Here is a way to a well organized one in a do it yourself closet. Here let us see how the handmade closet is processed where you will be able to maintain a well kept closet where you will not take long hours searching for your dress required for the day.

1. Custom Closet Shelving Wall:

A cabinet ledge wall can certainly aid you salvage a lot of space and anxiety and the perfect thing about it is that you can make your own from the beginning. To find a closet that is readymade to your requirement and taste is not possible always as every piece is unique and has its own advantages, but you can make your own without much exertion. Measure the space and hold the shelf in the place and mark the level first. Use screws to fit through the side wall board. Secure the other extreme to the bracket. A sturdy bracket can be used to clasp it to the door at one end. The perpendicular boards that conceived the cubbies help fasten the boards and maintain the entire thing durable and in position. Touch up with paint after installation. You may use a comer roller. You can customize the height and width according to your needs.

 Custom Closet Shelving Wall

2. Crafty Closet Organiser:

We are organizing three poles instead of one at convenient heights for coats, shirts and pants. Your shoes and boots will be kept in a facilely reachable rack. The center of the closet organizer has a stack of shelves that are narrow to store sweaters. There are accessory ledges on its left side and one more above the shirt pole. The organizer can fit into a space of 7 feet wide and 8 feet tall.

Crafty Closet Organiser

3. Daily Outfit Hanging Closet:

You can work on the week end to plan and arrange to hanger the clothes for your kids. You need not dig into boxes of clean washed clothes every morning to wear a matching outfit. Your kids need not pick what they find in a heap and wear it out to play or on an outing. All the dresses are easily accessible and readily available as sets. Hang the top on a hanger and the skirt or shorts or pants to go with it on another hanger.

 Daily Outfit Hanging Closet

4. Scarf And Accessory Hanger:

You can make scarf and accessory hangers and get over the trouble of unknotting the chains and scarves when you get ready to go out. The materials used are shower curtain hooks and a pants hanger. Buy 10 shower curtain hooks made of plastic that are round, 1 pants hanger, sponge brush, acrylic paint, tape, glue, super glue and wax paper. Paint your hanger and tear a sheet of wax paper that is bigger than the hanger and put it beneath to avoid paint on the floor. Paint the hanger and the hooks. Arrange the hooks in a triangular shape below the hanger and get the correct position, Glue the hooks at the bottom of the hanger in such a way that it lets you open and close the hanger. Stick four circles on top then three in the second two in the third row two and one at the lower end. It should be fastened properly when it is completed.

Scarf And Accessory Hanger

5. Closet Organizers For Small Rooms:

If the room is small you should go for a small closet to avoid a cluttered room. Buy closet bars of separate sizes and organize the hangers with your clothes on them Let the closet be three fold so that it can hold your clothes on the sides and your accessories in the center shelves. You may keep the lower side bar-less so that you can store toys, books or dolls or a doll house that the child uses.

 Closet Organizers For Small Rooms

6. Tidy Tights:

Make a closet space for your tights. Take some wooden clothes clips and glue them to the closet wall and use them to hang your tights. You will not have to scramble for your tights anymore. Just have to glance and pick them up from your closet.

 Tidy Tights

7. Jewellery Organization Idea:

You can organize your jewelry using your innovation even using a bathroom hardware to store necklaces and bangles and bracelets. You can use boxes or baskets to keep the scarves and clutches. Buy two towel racks to hang the necklaces from hooks. This will avoid tangling of the jewelry and make it easy to take out and use. The racks’ height can be altered as and when you require to. You may even add another rack to keep more things. You can use anything that comes to your mind and a little creativity can bring out awesome results.

 Jewellery Organization Idea

8. Make The Best Of Your Small Closet:

The organizing technique can make your small closet contain all your belongings in the best way. You just have to add the shelves according to the requirement. See if you have enough space for a shelf at the top or for a rod. Is there space at the lower end of the closet? Decide on what will go there like some baskets, a cute dresser or a storage assemblage. Pull out the clothes that you don’t wear often and make space for what you use regularly or enjoy wearing. You should have proper lighting to look into your closet. Assign space or baskets or bins for clothes, scarves, purses or bath suits and more. You can keep a bin at the floor of the closet and put in the clothes that don’t fit and hand them out to people who need them.

Make The Best Of Your Small Closet