8 DIY Pumpkin Carving Crafts Ideas To Decorate Your Home

DIY Pumpkin Carving Crafts Ideas To Decorate Your Home

Pumpkin is main character for the Halloween, we draw so many things on the pumpkin to make them decorative, but without any idea, it is impossible to draw anything on the pumpkin, as we can damage the whole pumpkin and hard work, the best things about the carving the pumpkin is that you can create any design on it, you can give a theme of the pumpkin to your house also.

Here Are Some The Pumpkin Carving Ideas By Which You Can Easily Decorate Your House:

1. Black And White Pumpkin Owl:

We can draw the designer owl on the pumpkin, for this we should take the pumpkins of the different sizes, make sure that there should not be any dents to the pumpkin, now take the black and the white paints and color the pumpkins with these colors to give them the black and white base, now take owl stencils and draw the design on the pumpkin, now take the small knife and carved it, fill it with the white color on the black back ground and vice versa, now decorate the house with it.

Black And White Pumpkin Owl

2. Pumpkin Ice Bucket:

If you want to surprise your friends by the creativity of yours, then you should go with the pumpkin ice bucket, you need to cut the top of the pumpkin, now cut the bottom part and make the flat surface so that it will not move, now take out the seeds and other inner parts of it, add the ice cube to it, add the wine bottle to it and enjoy the cold wine in the party.

Pumpkin Ice Bucket:

3. Pumpkin Dinner Candles:

We love to have the candle light dinner just because the ambience we get from the candles, we can also make the candles of the pumpkin also, for this you need to cut the top of the pumpkin, then you need to the candles, crave it inside the pumpkin, now fill the gap with the glitters and then place it on the dinner table and enjoy the party.

 Pumpkin Dinner Candles

4. Skull Carved In Pumpkin:

Some people like the decorate their house with the skull, but they have the posters only, but you can make the 3D skull just using the pumpkin, you need to cut the bottom of the pumpkin, scoop out the seeds from it, take the peeler and peel the pumpkin, take the knife and carved out the eyes by making the holes in it, carved the nose and the teeth on it, you can install the lights to it, place it to the side table.

Skull Carved In Pumpkin

5. Pumpkin Cookies Maker:

If you want to make some crafts for you kids, then you can go with the pumpkin cookies maker, as the cookies are loved by the kids, for this you need to take the pumpkin, clean it, take the blue paint and paint the whole pumpkin with it, now take two place eggs and place it on the top of the pumpkin, add the eggs to it, now take the sharp knife and carve the big mouth, prepare the cookies and add the cookies in it, your pumpkin cookies maker is ready.

Pumpkin Cookies Maker

6. Glowing Mr. Happy Pumpkin:

You can give your pumpkin a shape of the happy man, it gives positive energy to your place, you need to take medium size pumpkin, cut the bottom of it, take out the seeds of it, now carve the two holes for the eyes, one for the nose, carve the big smile in the pumpkin, now take yellow color bulb, place this inside the pumpkin, switch it ON you Mr. happy pumpkin starts glowing.

Glowing Mr. Happy Pumpkin

7. Letter Carved On Pumpkin:

We always want to have our name carved on all the things, pumpkin is soft and can be easily carved with the designs, take the sharp peeler and peel the pumpkin as per the letter name, then take the sharp knife and carve the letter in it, you can add colors to it, also you can add the light to it also, now decorate your favorite place with the letter carved pumpkin.

Letter Carved On Pumpkin

8. Ghost Carved Pumpkin:

Ghost pumpkin you will see all over and you can also make it by yourself, all you need to cut the top of it, take out the seeds and other material from it, place the top again, carved the base first, take out the print of the ghost, now slowly carve the outer design of the ghost on the pumpkin, you can give the contrast to the background with the light color, place it to the area, where you want to scare the others.

Ghost Carved Pumpkin