8 DIY Ideas To Transform Glass Bottles Into Decorative Lanterns

Glass bottles are ordinary house items used for storing liquid goods. They, often lie redundant after use and lastly kept as scrap. Either discarded or stored for future use and most of the time forgotten, it is left forgotten, collecting dust in some corner of the house. These very glass bottles can also be used as decorative items, yes, you can use them as light shades to illumine your garden, room or house. There are many different ways you can decorate and light them up.

Here Are A Few Simple Diy Ideas To Transform Old, Used, Discarded Glass Bottles Into Interesting Decorative Lanterns, In And Around Your Home:

1. Simple Glass Bottle Luminaries

Collect all the unused, dicarded bottles, better if each be of different color or you could paint each in different transparent shades. Fill in each with string lights as in the image below, leaving the plug point out to connect it to a socket. Turn off the room lights and switch on the glass bottle luminaries. Illumine different corners of your house with these and it could also work as fun party decor lighting. Just give it a shot and see, you will be in love with the light results.

Simple Glass Bottle Luminaries

2. Suspended Glass Bottle shades

Well, most of us tend to hoard fancy, patterned, glass designed bottles to store in expensive liquor. So, why not use them as crystal shine light shades. Cut out the base of the bottles with some mechanical help or a glass cutter and suspend the bottles with light bulbs attached to it. Hang them in a corner or by a large empty wall and witness how it adds a glowy touch to your home decor. Bet the crystal light beauty is to draw the attention of your visitors and hold them mesmerized.

Suspended Glass Bottle shades

3. Outdoor Rainbow Luminaries

This is another very simple DIY idea. You could paint these glass bottles into different shades of the rainbow color and with the help of a glass cutter, remove its base. Place them by your garden fence, porch or patio with little tea lights burning within and absorb a soothing peaceful energy as you watch the evening blue sky. It would also be a pretty joyful sight for kids, for they always lit up at the sight of bright colors.

Outdoor Rainbow Luminaries

4. Garden Glass Bottle Tiki Lights

If you seek something more adventurous and a bit wild like experience, you could try tiki lighting style using just these glass bottles. Fill the bottles with liquid fuel that ignites, whichever be available to you, attach a wick to a knob and onto the bottle, with the wick submerged in the liquid fuel. Screw it in place with a metal suspension rod attachment, around your garden wall or backyard like tiki lights. These are best to set on a party mood, perfect for some wild theme party or a tranquil evening tea party at your garden or some fun, adventure time with children.

Garden Glass Bottle Tiki Lights

5. Glass Bottle Bar Lights

Nothing gets more interesting than a row of bottle lights suspended upon a bar counter or in a winery. Clear cleaned transparent glass bottles attached with light bulbs arranged in a neat row above a counter looks sophisticated and impressive. It is decorative in appearance and illuminating. The space is well lit and bright, and yet appears decorated.

Glass Bottle Bar Lights

6. Glass Bottle Chandelier

This may require a lot more of work along with the sweat from your brow and consume some significant time. You might need some extra hands to help. All your collected glass bottles need to be painted, even better if they are of different colors to form different layers of a chandelier. Shape the base of the bottles in a pattern to be assembled so as shown in the image below. Create a wooden structure for support and suspension from the roof. Complete it with light bulbs and wiring with some professional help, if needed. Thus, you now have a beautiful, artistic looking chandelier made completely of reusable items at a very much lesser cost than purchasing an actual designer glass chandelier. This is sure to increase the charm and beauty of your home, as the central piece of attraction.

Glass Bottle Chandelier

7. Bedazzled Glass Bottle Luminary

This is another simple and fun looking luminary that you can place anywhere around your room or home. You will need is an empty glass bottle and some artificial gem stones or crystals. Attach them on the outer surface of the bottle, completely covering the bottles exterior using some super fast sticking glue. When dry, place any lighting wire or lights inside with the plug outside to attach it to any empty socket, where you would like to place it around your room. Isn’t it an eye catching and beautiful decor piece you wish to try?

Bedazzled Glass Bottle Luminary

8. Stained Glass Bottle Luminary

If you are more artistic in nature and cannot help but paint some of your art work upon a bottle. Best, you should go ahead and grab some glass paint and paint the bottles in the stain glass painting style. Once painted and dried you can either fill it with some lighting wire and plug or just drop in a tea light by removing its base; or attach it to a light bulb suspended by a wall or ceiling. Enjoy the kaleidoscopic effect it shall create upon your entire room, lit your happy mood and amuse upon your creative work.

Stained Glass Bottle Luminary

Please Note:

Do not touch the glass when the electric lights be on or lit with the help a candle or liquid, the bottle might be too hot to touch and can accidentally burn hands of little children. Secondly, if electric lighting be attached, as in wiring either suspended or attached to a wall wiring, remember to either leave the mouth of the bottle open or cut the base of it open, this will enable the heat to escape and not crack or burst the glass bottle. Apart from these precautions, these are some inexpensive, innovative and creative ideas to help reuse, recycle and re-purpose otherwise discarded glass bottles.

Do not discard old, used items if they can be reused and recycled, think a moment before creating unnecessary wastage. Help conserve and preserve Nature.