8 DIY Home Beautiful Decor Inspirational Wine Rack

Beautiful Decor Inspirational Wine Rack

Wine bottle collectors may dedicate a whole room to store up their collections but how will we that buy a few bottles for a party or domestic use? Let us see how we can have our DIY wine racks done at our homes. The following methods take little space and are done with easy to get materials.

1. Wood Plank Wine Rack:

Take a single wooden plank and drill holes in it to place the bottle necks in them. You will require pencil, measuring tape and sandpaper. Cut the wooden plank to the measurement you need. Leave space between the holes for the bottles to stand. Smooth away rough edges and pencil marks and paint the plank with the preferred color and paint. You may have your shelf on pelican brackets or L brackets.

Wood Plank Wine Rack

2. Recycled Cardboard Mailing Tubes:

The readymade project has recycled mailing tubes that are cardboard transformed into a DIY wine athenaeum explication. You can arrange the tubes in this fashion to support each other and create a shelf even for books hutch or sideboard.

Recycled Cardboard Mailing Tubes

3. Totally Tubular Mod Wine Rack Side Table:

Take drainage pipes that measures 4” diameter and 20 feet of length. Buy 26 feet of vinyl coated wire rope, 4 turnbuckles made up of steel or zinc plated ones that are cheaper, 8 cable clamps, 1 stainless steel clamp to aid in guiding when the pipes are cut, a sturdy knife to cut the drainage pipes and wire cutters of heavy duty to cut the rope. You may opt for the cheaper materials or the more expensive ones when you shop according to your requirement. Cut the pipes to 18 feet long tubes. Cut the rope in half, stand the pipe sections on a table. Use the rope to bind the tubes leaving 3 inches from the edges of the tubes, pull tight to fit and create loops between the turnbuckle eyes and fix the cable clamps. Chop the nimiety rope and cover and fasten the excess rope. Secure the turnbuckles and make it fit right. Do the same on the other side of the tubes leaving 3” edge from the ends of the tubes. You may fix a glass top or a wooden top and use it as a table cum rack.

Totally Tubular Mod Wine Rack Side Table

4. Readymade Arm Wine Rack:

The vertical flip wine rack is a space saver and is carved out of 2”x4” escalated hardware. This rack is the most inexpensive of the lot but yet so stylish and a space saver all at the same time.

Readymade Arm Wine Rack

5. Self Standing Pyramid Shape Wine Rack:

You may create a rack for your wine bottles by using a self standing triangle shape. The channels can be welded together with 4 channels on the row at the bottom, three channels on top of that and two in the next and the one on the top. You may hang the rack from the ceiling. You can tack both the sides of the channels to cover the tack welds. You can be innovative with your ideas and create an entirely new design for you wine rack.

Self Standing Pyramid Shape Wine Rack

6. Custom Wall-mounted Wine Rack:

The rack here is a vertical shelf that has many horizontal pieces that will veritably hold the bottles. Decide on how many bottles you are going to store and the size of the bottles should be considered to prepare the precise layout. Each vertical piece has two lengthwise pieces with many abridged parallel pieces placed up and down on every side that resembles a ladder.

 Custom Wall-mounted Wine Rack

7. Chalkboard Wine Rack:

You may make the chalkboard wine rack from drainage pipes that are confined in a fiberboard casing that is painted with chalkboard paint. It need not be only a wine rack it may be used as water or soda or juice bottle rack too. Select the pipes according to the size of the bottles that you going to store in those pipes.

Chalkboard Wine Rack

8. The Standard Six-bottle Wine Rack:

This wine rack is very easy to construct and is not time consuming at all. You can have this compact rack in your dining room itself or you may put it above your fridge. Take two pieces of plywood of 15”x10.5”, two 1” hinges, a screwdriver, neon string of about 10 inches, a drill with a 3-1/5” drill bit and a 1/16” drill bit and 150-grit sandpaper. With a ruler and a pencil measure and target the place where the circle cut would go on the wood. The cut outs are one to one and a half inches from the sides and one inch on the length wise. The circles are 1” away from each other. Use a power drill and make six circular holes into the plywood drilling out 12 holes altogether. Smooth out the edges with the sandpaper after using the drill on the wood. Decide where the hinges will go on the rack. Take measurement to the middle of the hole and fix one side of the hinge and align the second piece and fix the other side of the hinge securely. Do likewise on the next side. Arrange the wine rack in an A frame.

The Standard Six-bottle Wine Rack