8 Decorative Easy To Make Candle Votive By Your Own

8 Decorative Easy To Make Candle Votive By Your Own

We all love to have candles, as these candles make the ambience quite pleasant and romantic, we gift the candles also and people love the home made gifted candles. Votive are the candle holder by which we can hold the candle and we adjust focus the light, it is used to make our candles long lasting, we have the candles of many styles, like that there are many beautiful decorative candle votive are also there, we can make it by our own, you need to have some simple things only, here are some of the decorative ideas to make the decorative candle votive.

1. Heart Design Candle Votive:

Heart is the symbol of heart, so if we planning to gift candles to our loved ones, then it should be in the heart shape. Heart design candle votive can be a good option, you need to take the plain votive, add the candle in it, now take the thick paper, cut it according to the votive, now in the middle of it, make a small heart shape design, glue it to the candle, burn the candle and the light coming out from the heart looks so amazing.

Heart Design Candle Votive

2. Glittering Candle Votive:

Craft without glitter is impossible, we have the candles those have the glitters on them, but we can make the votive also with the glitters, you need to take the glass votive, take a marker and draw a circle in the middle of the glass, dust the whole area with the glitters, roll the glass, so that the glitters will stick to the glass, remove the excess glitters from the glass, place the candles in the glass and burn it.

Glittering Candle Votive

3. Mercury Glass Candle Votive:

When a light passes in the mercury then the mercury itself starts shining, if you gift someone with the mercury glass candles, then he will definitely get amazed, it is simple to make the mercury candle votive, you need to take any old glass, if the glass is designed, then it is fine, take the mercury spray and spray the glass with the mercury all over the glass, now place the small candle in it, make 4 to 5 glass like that, wrap it and gift it.

 Mercury Glass Candle Votive

4. Painted Candle Votive:

If you a good painter, then you can make many crafts with the leftover paint, you can also make the painter candle votive and can actually add light to your painting. Painter candle votive can be easily made, you need to take the glass holder, first you need to make the base of any color to the back of the glass, then you can draw anything on the front side of the glass, when you burn the candle, the light will give the shadow of the your creation.

 Painted Candle Votive

5. Marble Candle Votive:

Marble candles votive can be the best option to gift the candles, this is easy to prepare, for this you need to take the CD, now on the corner of it, you need to apply the glue stick, place the old marbles on it, now again apply the hot glue to the marbles and place the marbles on it, do this process so that you will have the at least 4 layers of the marbles, place the candle in it and burn it.

. Marble Candle Votive

6. Gold Lace Candle Votive:

Gold lace candle votive is an unique idea for the candle holder, as the gold is symbol of wealth, it is easy to make, you need to take the small old glass, now place the lace in the middle of it, glue it to make it tight on the glass, now take the gold spray paint and then paint the whole glass, now take out the lace and the design of the lace will be traced on it, place the candle in it and gift it to someone.

Gold Lace Candle Votive

7. Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Votive:

Candle votive without the mason jar is impossible, autumn season is the season of love and if we capture this season in the votive then this can be a good option, you need to take the mason jar and the autumn leaves, now stick these leaves to the inner side of the jar with the glue, place the candle in it and burn it.

Autumn Leaf Mason Jar Candle Votive

8. Twig Candle Votive:

If you want to give your votive a real, natural and rustic look, then you can go with the twig candle votive, you need to collect the twig, now apply the glue to the sides of it, stick it to the glass, allow it to cool, place the candles in it, burn it, the light coming out from the gap of the twigs looking amazing.

Twig Candle Votive