8 Amazing Ideas For Garden Privacy Screen

Although you would love to boast of your beautiful garden, at times you would wish that there was enough privacy to protect you from the prying eyes of your inquisitive neighbors when you are relaxing with your friends and family. Luckily, you can easily transform your lush garden into a private area by adding a privacy screen that shields you from curious onlookers. By using your creativity, you can easily install a privacy screen in your patio on a budget.

Here Are 8 Amazing Ideas For Garden Privacy Screen:

1. Multi-Level Planter Box Garden Screen

What about a garden screen that doubles as a vertical garden? The multi-level planter box garden screen is the perfect screen that adds both privacy and extra space for growing your favorite herbs. Creating the vertical garden is quite easy. With basic knowledge of carpentry you can easily create the privacy screen by upcycling shipping crates and wooden pallets.

Multi-Level Planter Box Garden Screen

2. Shutter Privacy Screen

Have you recently renovated your old home and a number of shutters are waiting to be reused? You can use the old shutters to build a privacy screen for your garden. You may arrange shutters of same or different dimensions and colors to create a cozy space for relaxation in your yard. If wooden shutters are not available in your house, you can collect a few of them from your neighborhood thrift store or yard sales.

Shutter Privacy Screen

3. Bamboo In Half Wine Barrels

Your gardening expertise is enough to help you build this garden privacy screen. Plant bamboos in your garden and you will get a natural privacy screen. However, gardeners are often worried about the running bamboos invading their garden. This problem can be easily averted by using wine barrels as planters for planting the bamboo trees.

Bamboo in Half Wine Barrels

4. Lattice Panels

Lattice panels are widely used for creating privacy screens in the outdoor area of your house. They can be installed in various ways. You can easily attach the lattice panels on your fence or any area of your garden where you want to create an enclosed area for entertaining your friends or for relaxation. Moderate level of expertise in carpentry is needed to build lattice privacy screens.

Lattice Panels

5. Bottle Garden Privacy Screen

Here is an interesting idea for repurposing the used wine bottles. For this project you will need wine bottles of different colors, rebar and steel or wooden pole for hanging the bottles. In the bottom of each bottle drill a hole. Using rebar, arrange the bottles. Attach the end of the rebar to the pole.

Bottle Garden Privacy Screen

6. Curtain Garden Privacy Screen

However, the easiest way to create a privacy screen in your garden is to hang curtains. Use curtains to shield an enclosed area of your yard where you can enjoy your time without being exposed. For making the outdoor curtains, use a material that is strong enough to withstand sun and moisture for a longer time.

Curtain Garden Privacy Screen

7. Wood Board Garden Privacy Screen

To build a durable privacy screen for your garden, use good quality wood boards. Select solid wooden boards. Measure and cut them accordingly. Arrange and attach them to form a vertical screen. The wooden screen blends well the greenery of your garden.

Wood Board Garden Privacy Screen

8. Hedge Wall

Hedge wall is the perfect extension of your garden greenery. It mingles well with your garden and also shields it. You may even add a hedge wall over your existing wall or fence to hide your garden from your neighbors.

Hedge Wall