7 Ways Of Making Eczema Soothing Lotion Bar


Are you, or someone you know suffering from eczema? This can actually be quite frustrating and irritating especially during times when you have tried all sorts of medicines and creams in order to attain relieve from itching. However, all of them tend to be quite unsuccessful. We have some good news for you. The best solution to this problem is only through eczema soothing lotion bar. Now you do not need to keep scratching in front of anyone. Be would get rid of redness and inflammation and you can enjoy beautiful smoothened skin forever.This article aims at exploring some easy methods of eczema soothing lotion bar that shall be of great help to those having this sort of skin disease.

List Of 7 Ways Of Making Eczema Soothing Lotion Bar

Ingredients Required

In order to prepare this lotion bar, all you need are 2 oz beeswax that has been grated or chopped, 1 oz rosehip seed oil, 2 oz kokum butter, 1 oz evening primrose oil, 20 drops ylang ylang essential oil, 10 drops blue yarrow essential oil, 10 drops myrrh essential oil, ½ teaspoon non-GMO vitamin oil and 5 drops roman chamomile essential oil.


Melt In A Pot

You need to moisture your skin everyday either with the lotion bar or making use of the hydrating, natural lotion that shall assist in fighting against itching. In order to prepare it at home, all you need is to melt some grated beeswax, rosehip seed oil as well as kokum butter making use of small pot at very low heat or in a boiler.


Remove From Heat

After you notice that it has melted properly, just remove it from heat and let it cool down for sometimes.


Add Primrose Oil And Vitamin Oil

After it has cooled down properly just add some evening primrose oil as well as vitamin E oil into that mixture. Remember to stir the mixture quite well until they have combined properly.


Add Essential Oil

The next essential step has been to add some essential oil and stir it properly so that all the ingredients you added have mixed well.

essential oil

Take Them To Moulds

After having mixed them properly, all you need to do is to pour the entire mixture into moulds so that it gets a desired shape.


Cool It

After that, you are supposed to cool them and store it in dark place. You can use this lotion for 1-2 years.