7 Unique Spots For Hidden Storage Around Your House

A storage place in the house is never sufficient and people always look for more storage places to keep their things. You cannot store things at any place, and you surely need a better place to store things, which is also invisible and you can really see it and no one else can also see the storage places. The secret places are a must in the house as they help in storing a lot of things and you can keep all the things in these places, which you use frequently. Even if you have a grand villa or a small house, you need extra storage paces just to be safe and that you don’t have to stuff your things outside, which will make it, look bad and ugly. There are many different ways to store the things in your house.

Mentioned Below Are The 7 Spots For Hidden Storage Around Your House

1. Make Storage Place In Your Staircase

This is a great way to store the things in your house. If you have a two floored house and you want to have some extra storage space then making drawers in your staircases is a great idea. It will be a hidden storage and you can store shoes and other things in it.


2. Make Big Storage Units Under The Staircase

This is another great idea for the hidden storage and you do this by creating big storage units under the staircase. A lot of space is wasted otherwise and by making this storage area you will use a lot of space.


3. The Drawers Under The Cabinets

This is another interesting way to have a hidden storage in the house. The drawers under the cabinets looks really cool and you can easily get it made by your carpenter. It is an ideal place to store things and make it doesn’t look bad at all. It is one of the perfect places to store things in your house.


4. Trap Door For Storing Your Things

This is another interesting way to store all your things at one place. You can use this storage place to store a lot of things, as it will be comparatively open and big in size. The area before the flight of stair starts is perfect to create a storage unit. It is easily manageable and you can store a lot of things in there.


5. Horizontal Drawers Under The Washbasin

Sometimes people do not really where to keep all the hand napkins and they just keep it somewhere, where it gets difficult to get them at times of need. Hence, having a sleek drawer under the wash basin is a cool idea and you can keep all your napkins there.


6. Make Storage Units On The Sides Of The Staircase

The staircase is an area, which occupies a lot of space and a lot of space is also wasted if you don’t manage it smartly. Hence it is important to make sure that you don’t waste that area and store everything properly in that particular space. Make big storage units on the sides and keep everything you want. It is one of the best-hidden storage ideas.


7. Storage Space Under The Sofa

This is another cool thing to do and is very easy to get it done as well. You can create storing space under your sofa and make it look as if it is just a sofa and nothing else. It is a great idea to utilize the space and you can store a lot of things like that.