7 Supercool DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Outdoor Christmas Decorations

Christmas decorations are fun and enjoyable. Every season people look for fresh and new ideas to decorate their homes. Though there are several interesting readymade embellishments available in the stores, the happiness one gets by creating something on their own is incomparable. If you are a fan of DIY projects and feeling crafty, here we have listed five exciting outdoor decoration projects that will make your home stand out this Christmas. Check out to know more.

DIY Outdoor Christmas Decorations:

1. Light Balls:

Let the colorful ornamental light balls brighten up your Christmas party and add more happiness and cheer to your celebration. With just simple supplies such as chicken wires and LED lights, you can make this incredible outdoor décor that would spruce up your yard with its sparkling display.

 Light Balls

2. Snowman:

Snowman is a favorite and a joyful winter sculpture loved by most people irrespective of ages. It is an eye-catching, fascinating and visually interesting outdoor décor during winter festivals so why not try to recreate this most adorable sculpture using paper cups this Christmas season. Glue plastic cups together to create the snowman and use paint and fabric to add details. Place in the patio or entrance or even your yard to bring in the festive merriment.


3. Candy Canes:

The striped cane shaped sticks have been associated with Christmas celebrations since long and make a fresh idea for outdoor decorations during the festive season. Decide what height you need first and then use PVC pipes to create the candy cane. Paint the pipe with red and white to get the exact iconic Christmas sweet look, add a red bow and place it in the lawn or the walkway. Affix a few lights to make it spectacular at night.

Candy Canes

4. Star Nest:

To give your party a touch of nature and a bit of country effect, making a nest made of twigs would be amazing. But wait, you cannot expect birds to dwell in your nest because of the snow and cold, but filling it with Christmas stars would make it shine beautifully bringing the festive lights to your home. Add a few LED lights for extra sparkle as you hang the nests outdoor.

Star Nest

5. Lollipops:

Upcycling and recycling is the trend and opens a way to show your artistic and crafty skills. In addition, these are inexpensive and pocket friendly when you want to decorate your home with unique things, be it a party or a festive occasion. If you have used plates and PVC pipes or rods, try making giant lollipops. A little paint of your choice, polythene is all you would need to make it attractive. Finally, for the Christmas touch, do not forget to add that red bow.


7. Concrete Christmas Presents:

Are you worried that your neighborhood tweens would steal the Christmas presents placed outdoors? Well, if that’s the reason for your worry, consider making a beautiful present using a cement block. Paint the block using red and silver metallic spray and adorn it with a pretty bow.

Concrete Christmas Presents

8. Christmas Ornaments:

Old tires make awesome Christmas ornaments. All you need to do this project is old tires, plywood, spray paint and stencils. Cut out a circle from the plywood such that it fits the front part of the tire. Fix it securely on the tire. Spray paint the tires with red, blue or green paint. Cut out the stencil designs like snowflakes, reindeer or Christmas tree and paint them. Fix this stencils on the plywood. These cool ornaments will not only be a huge hit, but also a perfect way to recycle the old tires.

Christmas Ornaments