7 Stylish Toilet Sink Combos For Small Bathrooms



In today’s times when space is a major concern and when you end up with buying a home it tends to happen so that you get a small kitchen area, small rooms to live in and smaller bathrooms to accommodate yourself into. Thus to resolve the issue and to make you feel a little better and for you to accommodate everything in it without being boring and sad, we have come up with some of the stylish and cool toilet and sink combos specially designed for small bathrooms!

Thus Some Of These Space Saving And Stylish Toilet Sink Combos For Small Bathrooms Are Discussed Below.

1. The Sleek Toilet Sink Combo

This is a classic and yet very chic toilet sink idea where the base is used as the toilet seat and the top head used as a sink. Space saving cannot be more compact and sleek than this! The wooden back finish is just perfect.

 The Sleek Toilet Sink Combo

2. In Built Sink Toilet Ensemble

A simple bracket of space transformed into everything that a bathroom needs, this is just that! The inbuilt toilet seat and the base with the sink and the space to keep toiletries are all that one needs in a small bathroom space. Period! Do not overlook the lovely mirror and the plant décor which accentuates the space like anything.

In Built Sink Toilet Ensemble

3. The Curvaceous Beauties

This is a lovely variation from the boring and the classic straight toilet sink combos where this one talks about curves where the lower curve is the toilet seat and the upper side of the curve forms the sink. Super like this one, isn’t it and more so it saves SPACE!

The Curvaceous Beauties

4. Minimalistic Angle Sink Toilet Design

This might perhaps be one of the simplistic yet chic toilet sink design idea that can catch anyone’s fancy with smaller washrooms. A quite Z shaped ensemble, this white finish bathroom idea Is sure to rock and fetch you compliments for your rich taste.

 Minimalistic Angle Sink Toilet Design

5. Bamboo Panelled Toilet And Sink Ensemble

Yet another modern day design idea this which is chic in its own respect and speaks loud of its bamboo panelled interiors within which the floating toilet seat is fixed and the sink is just at the top of the panel. Simple!

 Bamboo Panelled Toilet And Sink Ensemble

6. The Eco-friendlytoilet Sink Option

This one is truly an eco-friendly and space saving option which is designed so that it oozes green and freshness into the small washroom area. Whilst the toilet seat is at the base of the S shape, the sink is placed at the other end at the top portion and the side of it is a stair like structure where one can keep magazines, toiletries and books. Incorporating designs reflecting green and nature completes its natural look and feel.

The Eco-friendlytoilet Sink Option

7. Toilet, Sink And A Storage Base All In One Idea

This one is truly great in case you are worried about the storage aspect in a small washroom area. Thus with this in place you should not worry any longer where check out this amazing idea where the sink, storage area as well as the toilet base is all designed compact fully and nicely in here.

 Toilet, Sink And A Storage Base All In One Idea

Whist with so many options at your disposal, you might be looking for ways to get a small bathroom, let us just give you a hint about the next big thing in the market- the shower and mini bathtub combo which can adorn any small space with ease!